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Successfully Managing People in Projects

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This seminar will focus on the specific skills and techniques necessary to turn a diverse group of professionals into a results-focused, motivated and successful team. Specifically you’ll concentrate on learning how to:Turn an unwilling assignee into an eager participantGet people to perform even when they don’t report to youUse influence to get results in the absence of direct authorityInspire commitment from team members

What You’ll Learn

1. Use the leadership style that’s best for the project team2. Build trust among the members3. Gain commitment to the project goal4. Coordinate and focus team members’ efforts5. Communicate clearly and concisely6. Facilitate group problem solving and decision-making7. Define team roles so everyone is clear8. Run meetings that actually move the project forward9. Handle difficult members10. Identify and defuse sources of conflict11. Blend individual abilities into a cohesive

Why you want to learn it

Scope Statements, WBS’s, Gantt and Pert Charts, Resource Allocation Matrices – all these great tools won't help much when it comes to bringing in your project successfully, on time and within budget. People make projects happen. It’s your job to lead these people – from different departments, with separate agendas, with divided loyalties – to success. And you need to do it now because that deadline gets closer every day.

How it will help you

This seminar will help project managers, project team leaders and managers of project managers to achieve outstanding results through achieving cooperation and commitment from their teams.

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