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Dale Carnegie Course

The Dale Carnegie Program on Training Excellence

Language: English

•Plan and organize professional presentations
•Develop your own natural and relaxed communication style
•Learn to sell your ideas with clarity and force that inspires others
•Create an open, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment
•Approach challenges in a way that leads to victories and success for participants
•Coach and develop participants to empower them and lead them to continuous improvement

What You’ll Learn

This workshop is for aspiring and experienced trainers and is designed to turn participants into top-notch facilitators. On completing this workshop, participants will be able to facilitate engaging and impactful training programs and have the skills to create a highly interactive learning environment. The program helps participants enhance their core training competencies, which include Building Business Context, Coaching, Presenting, Handling Disruptive Audience and many more.

Why you want to learn it

The Carnegie instructor coaches participants through the exercises and helps them practice the skills they need to create a highly interactive learning environment. Along the way, students hone their power of observation to help perfect their own coaching techniques. Participants also gain specific tools for dealing with disruptors and facilitate engaging and impactful training programs.

How it will help you

Program helps both experienced and novice trainers polish the skills they need to facilitate Training that’s participative, fun, and has a lasting impact.

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9 Dec - 12 Dec
Time (IST)
8:30 - 11:30
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