Transforming Attitudes and Actions: How Senior Leaders Create Successful Workplace Cultures

Benefit of this White Paper

Dale Carnegie set out to examine the perceptions of senior leaders on the strength of their own company cultures, their attitudes about its importance and impact, and actions they are taking to improve it. Gain a better understanding of what companies with successful cultures are thinking and doing and discover ways in which you and your leaders can build a more engaging corporate culture.

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What You’ll Learn

What is corporate culture and why it matters Challenges to building a healthy corporate culture What attitudes and behaviors are characteristic of Culture Champions How you and your team can help to reinforce an engaging culture throughout the organization


Why You Need It

A strong corporate culture is hailed as the key to winning in a competitive marketplace; a weak one, the death knell. While the explanation is easy, the topic of corporate culture is complex. Dale Carnegie begins to identify the critical requirements for establishing a strong, agile culture.


What You’ll Do With It

Use research findings to become more informed and evaluate the attitudes and actions of you and your leaders. Consider the strategies and tactics you and your leaders need to adopt to build and maintain a more engaging culture.


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