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Tysons Corner Chamber and Dale Carnegie Special Live Online Event!

Disagree Agreeably

May 15, 2014
12:00 - 1:00PM Eastern Time

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Disagreements can lead to loss of respect and influence in your working environment, and even destroy trusted alliances.  Expressing yourself in a professional way during conflict can be a challenge - especially when you know you're right.  
  • Are your staff meetings best described as a TV Western in which whoever is quickest to draw, wins?
  • Are you feared by your employees because of your aggressive demeanor when discussing decisions in the workplace?  
  • Do you refrain from speaking up at weekly staff meetings so you can be seen as a "team player"?
  • Are you worried that your honest opinion could cause friction in your professional relationships?


Join the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce and Dale Carnegie on May 15th and learn how to tackle tough discussions that result in more productive meetings.  Forge more positive relationships with your superiors, peers or subordinates!  You'll understand your "hot buttons," and how to better direct the dialogue to work in everyone's favor while turning others' opinions into learning opportunities.
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1-hour Special Live Online Event for
Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce

May 15, 2014
12:00 - 1:00PM Eastern Time

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For a limited time, all attendees receive 10% off online courses and $100 on Dale Carnegie summer programs!


Disagree Agreeably

May 15, 2014; 1pm ET


For a limited time, all attendees receive 10% off online courses and $100 on Dale Carnegie summer programs!


You will be able to:
  • Identify personal hot buttons and your role in disagreements.
  • Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Refine your ability to cushion messages for greater acceptance.
  • Use evidence to eliminate doubt.
  • Use the six rules for disagreeing agreeably.
  • Apply a formula for contributing ideas and disagreeing in an agreeable way.

About the Presenter

Donalee Frary Donalee_New_headshot

  • Experienced Live Online Trainer
  • Industry expertise in Government and Municipalities; Finance; Technology and Service areas
  • MS in Organization Dynamics and Leadership, St. Joseph’s University


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