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Training 125 Success Pass

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Training Top 125 Success Pass

• Develop the in-house skills to execute First-Line Supervisor Development, Executive Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership Development – without leaving the office. 1 free seat to Marshall Goldsmith's breakthrough What Got You Here Won't Get You There course. ($499 value)
• Advance succession planning and leadership development in your organization. Up to 20 free seats in an upcoming Succession Planning Webinar. ($1,980 value)
• Give your Human Resources team a boost with research-driven insights into how to build engagement. What Drives Employee Engagement and Why It Matters [PDF] white paper based on research done by MSW.
• Demonstrate your corporate commitment to training and alignment with strategic business goals: it hinges on buy-in from senior leadership that you can influence. 1 free Self-Paced course: Presentations that Influence People. ($99 value)
• Accurately measure ROI to guide program adjustments and demonstrate value with the Carnegie Impact System. Statistical ROI analysis on any Dale Carnegie Program attended by 10 or more people from yours or a cohort's team. ($1,000 value)
• Build a positive culture using Dale Carnegie's proven principles for the workplace and social media. Unlimited access to animated, easy-to-digest Carnegie Tales videos for your entire organization. ($99 value)



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