Webinar: How To Develop An Agile Workforce in 2020

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Massive changes are coming to the workplace in the next decade. These changes will require your workforce to adapt, to be flexible, to collaborate, and to reskill.

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We’ll review the building blocks of Agility where you’ll learn why having a customer-centered purpose is critical for unleashing innovation and why having a confident and positive workforce is so important for creating a resilient workforce in a rapidly changing environment.


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Agility is more important than ever in a world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and cultures that emphasize social intelligence will have a competitive advantage when it comes to effective teamwork and innovation.


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The building blocks of Agility will provide you the roadmap for where to begin or even continue your journey to becoming a truly agile organization. Those that master Agility will have teams that can tackle challenges, drive innovation for customers and respond quickly to adversity and disruptive events.


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