Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Ten Qualities of Outstanding Leaders

Although individual strengths and abilities may vary, most experts agree that outstanding leaders tend to view the world in similar ways. A solid set of values is particularly important, as is a commitment to high ethical standards. The most commonly observed qualities in outstanding leaders include:
1. Leadership by Example - serving as an example for others.
2. Visionary – providing a sense of direction for others.
3. Strong Communicator – listening and considering as well as speaking.
4. Trustworthy- behaving in a consistent, highly ethical, and fair manner.
5. Calm – staying cool under pressure, especially when things go wrong.
6. Open Minded – inviting constructive dissent or disagreements.
7. Professional – being respectable both at work and in their private lives.
8. Clear Thinking – simplifying things to maximize understanding and minimize confusion.
9. Nurturing - showing respect for all people, their opinions, and their capacity to achieve important results.
10. Supportive- helping others build on their strengths and showing appreciation.


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