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World Class Customer Service - 1 Day Workshop

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In this 1 day workshop, customer service professionals will learn essential skills to make them feel more confident and equipped in their role. They will learn how to build relationships, ask the right questions, assess customer needs, enhance customer interactions and create champions for your business. They will also feel more engaged and empowered to achieve personal and organizational goals.

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Vad du kommer att lära dig

• Assess customer service attitudes – set goals to improve • Gain insight into 4 phases of attitude experienced on the job • Develop a personal action plan to enhance human relations • Create a call summary with next steps to ensure follow-through • Apply principles to exceed customer expectations • Identify win-win opportunities to provide more products and services • Create opportunities to add value for customers • Apply a process to assist customers in making buying decisions • Deal with the emotional and practical aspects of complaints • Apply methods to reduce stress when resolving complaints • Manage customer expectations and confidently exceed them

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Varför du behöver lära dig det

According to experts, more than 50% of customers will discontinue doing business with a company not because of price or quality, but because of negative experiences in dealing with the human side of doing business. Today’s customer is more educated, better prepared, and has more alternatives than ever before.

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Hur det kommer att hjälpa dig

Merely satisfying customers is not enough. To turn customers into fans who will not only remain loyal to your product or service, but will spread the good word, you need to exceed expectations and provide exceptional customer service.

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