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Critical Thinking:

The Essential Skill for Navigating the Future

Dale Carnegie - White Paper | Jan 2021
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Why Critical Thinking is Essential Today

Our world is evolving at a mind-boggling pace. Experts suggest that the digital universe of information doubles every two years, and we are confronted with more data, information, and decisions than ever before. This has real consequences: Scientists have determined that humans can suffer from decision overload. In fact, being faced with many decisions, regardless of whether they are inconsequential or important, can create “neural fatigue.” Our brains, it seems, are designed to handle a finite number of decisions each day, and beyond that limit, our ability to make more diminishes, regardless of how important they are.

That’s bad news for businesses and organizations that are trying to navigate today’s fast-changing, unpredictable environment, because our success - in business and in life in general, both as individuals and as organizations — rests in large part on the quality of the decisions we make. Access to information has never been easier, but reliable voices can be more difficult to recognize among the explosion of sources competing for attention. And while one of the newest, most sought-after competitive advantages is big data, information itself isn’t particularly useful unless people are skilled in evaluating its credibility and accuracy, asking good questions about it, and deciding what should be done in response to it.

Critical thinking is becoming even more important

One of the most important skills in this environment is the ability to think critically. Critical thinking can be described as self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way.2 In 2020, a report by the World Economic Forum confirmed that senior executives around the world view critical thinking skills as essential, and they expect these skills to be increasingly important for workplace success. The chart below shows the top skill groups that employers see as rising in prominence in the lead-up to 2025.


About Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie first started bringing his self-improvement methods to the world in 1912 and turned his ideas into a global performance-based training company with 200 offices in 90 countries. The company works in 30 languages throughout the world and includes as its clients 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.


Our Mission at Dale Carnegie Romania

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Dale Carnegie