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Corporate Culture Under Pressure

ABSL 8th Annual Conference | Nov 2020
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We’ve all been part of the sudden shift towards remote work and have already faced many of the new complexities in both communication as well as collaboration. We ourselves, have undergone drastic changes to our business model and therefore fully understand the impact of these changes on the very structure of organizations across the country and the everyday experiences of their employees.
Disruption to the rhythms of everyday and the lack of in-person human interactions has created a drain on social capital and professional networks.
Whilst many leaders have spent the last few months focused on managing through the immediate impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, now is the time to pause and reflect, evaluate and plan.
Each decision made and action taken has affected corporate culture in some small way, whether done consciously or not.
Andrei Popescu (Master Trainer) presented our latest International research and key insights on how we can address these topics, during the ABSL Romania 8th Annual Conference, that spread across 3 days and hosted 36 speakers, 21 companies insights, +600 participants and 14hrs of live streaming.
For more insights and details on how leaders can respond to build a better organization, please feel free to contact us.


About Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie first started bringing his self-improvement methods to the world in 1912 and turned his ideas into a global performance-based training company with 200 offices in 90 countries. The company works in 30 languages throughout the world and includes as its clients 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.


Our Mission at Dale Carnegie Romania

Is to deliver improved business results for our clients by increasing the performance of their PEOPLE. Our training process concentrates on improving the core Behaviors and Performance Habits within a team, that will power your organization’s advancement.
We have acquired 16 years of experience on the local market, as we are present in Romania since 2005.
Throughout our 16 years of experience on the local market, we’ve had more than 173.000 successful participants.
Our participants experience and training effectiveness score is 9.2 (out of 10) and the NPS is 78.4

"Dacă nu te preocupă procesul de a deveni persoana care vrei să fi, te vei regăsi implicit, în persoana care nu vrei să fi."

Dale Carnegie