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Competency Based Badges: Team Player

Team Player Badge  

Primary Competencies
Teamwork, Attitude

Accountability, Adaptability, Coaching, Diversity, Initiative, Results-Oriented, Values


Team Player
Sets a positive example when collaborating and mentoring; thrives with diversity; tackles new challenges with enthusiasm.

Take any of the following courses to earn your Team Player badge.

  Coaching for Improved Performance
2 Hour Workshop
  Leadership Development
  Getting Results Without Authority
1 Hour Webinar
  Leadership Development;
Personal Effectiveness

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Coming soon: more courses available for badging!



What are Badge Levels?

level1Basic familiarity with concepts. 


level2Practical understanding of concepts with practice.


Level_3_draftHigher-order understanding with repeat practice and application.

Level_4_draftAdvanced understanding with practice, coaching and evaluation.


Learn more about Badge Levels in the Badging FAQ.

How do I earn badges?

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