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Competency Based Badges: Cool Headed

Cool Headed Badge  
Primary Competencies
Stress Management, Decision Making

Accountability, Adaptability, Attitude, Conflict Resolution, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Skills
Cool Headed
Keeps calm and collected when dealing with difficult people or challenges; exercises adaptive, creative thinking in all situations; diffuses tension with a friendly, objective attitude.

Take any of the following courses to earn your Cool Headed badge.

  Time Management
4 Session Seminar

Leadership Development;
Personal Effectiveness

  Attitudes for Service
3 Hour Workshop

Customer Service

  Managing Workplace Stress
3 Hour Workshop
  Leadership Development;
Personal Effectiveness

Successful Public Speaking
3 Hour Workshop


Communication Skills;
Personal Effectiveness

  Create Your Work-Life Breakthrough
1 Hour Webinar
  Personal Effectiveness
  Marshall Goldsmith - What Got You Here Won't Get You There
2 Session Workshop
  Leadership Development

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What are Badge Levels?

level1Basic familiarity with concepts. 


level2Practical understanding of concepts with practice.


Level_3_draftHigher-order understanding with repeat practice and application.

Level_4_draftAdvanced understanding with practice, coaching and evaluation.


Learn more about Badge Levels in the Badging FAQ.

How do I earn badges?

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