Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Competency Based Badges

Dale Carnegie Badges are structured around essential workplace skills like collaboration, presentations, closing sales, and leading a team.

Use this page to find the competencies you want to develop, set a goal for the level you want to attain, and then choose courses that match.

Active Listener Badge  

Primary Competencies
External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills

Attitude, Coaching, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Customer Experience, Diversity


Active Listener
Seeks to understand all perspectives; remains mindful of self and others; brings a thoughtful, positive attitude to interactions.

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Cool Headed Badge  
Primary Competencies
Stress Management, Decision Making

Accountability, Adaptability, Attitude, Conflict Resolution, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Skills

Cool Headed
Keeps calm and collected when dealing with difficult people or challenges; exercises adaptive, creative thinking in all situations; diffuses tension with a friendly, objective attitude.

Cool Headed Courses
Customer Focused Badge  

Primary Competencies
Customer Experience, Professionalism

Accountability, Attitude, Communication, Customer Acquisition, External Awareness, Initiative, Selling, Stress Management


Customer Focused
Keeps the customer's needs in mind at all times; remains accountable for the words and actions of oneself and one's business; strives to provide the highest levels of service.

Customer Focused Courses
Diplomat Badge  

Primary Competencies
Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Skills

Communication, Diversity, External Awareness, Influence, Leadership, Negotiation, Stress Management, Teamwork


Handles disputes and differences of opinion with poise; cultivates respect and influence through well-reasoned words and actions; encourages cooperation and mutually beneficial solutions.

Diplomat Courses
Effective Communicator Badge  

Primary Competencies
Communication, Influence

Adaptability, External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation, Professionalism, Technology


Effective Communicator
Influences others through compelling stories and evidence; adapts to live and virtual audiences to make the greatest impact; empathizes with others to form meaningful relationships.

Effective Communicator Courses
Innovator Badge  

Primary Competencies
Adaptability, Change Management

Creative Thinking, Diversity, Leadership, Management Controls, Technology, Vision


Excels in times of transition and uncertainty; adapts easily with new situations and technology; creates breakthrough solutions that effect positive change.

Innovator Courses
Leader Badge  

Primary Competencies
Leadership, Values

Accountability, Attitude, Coaching, Communication, Decision Making, Influence, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, Results-Oriented, Teamwork, Vision


Inspires others to be their best; embodies the values and ideals of a true leader; interacts with colleagues, teams, and clients with impeccable professionalism.

Leader Courses
Organized Professional Badge  

Primary Competencies
Results-Oriented, Decision Making

Accountability, HR Management, Initiative, Management Controls, Professionalism, Stress Management, Teamwork, Technology


Organized Professional
Manages time and projects productively; works within organizational hierarchies and delegates effectively to achieve results; demonstrates a calm, proactive approach to new challenges.

Organized Professional Courses
Sales Pro Badge  

Primary Competencies
Customer Acquisition, Selling

Accountability, Adaptability, Attitude, Communication, Customer Experience, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation, Professionalism, Stress Management


Sales Pro
Consultatively listens to client needs to craft a win-win solution; demonstrates a positive attitude and dauntless professionalism to build relationships; negotiates in a fair and friendly way.

Sales Pro Courses
Strategic Thinker Badge  
Primary Competencies
Creative Thinking, Vision

Change Management, Decision Making, HR Management, Results-Oriented, Technology

Focuses on the big picture to solve problems; tackles challenges in creative, innovative ways; considers all angles.

Strategic Courses
Team Player Badge  

Primary Competencies
Teamwork, Attitude

Accountability, Adaptability, Coaching, Diversity, Initiative, Results-Oriented, Values


Team Player
Sets a positive example when collaborating and mentoring; thrives with diversity; tackles new challenges with enthusiasm.

Team Player Courses
Trusted Advisor Badge  
Primary Competencies
Accountability, Influence

Adaptability, Communication, Creative Thinking, External Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation, Vision

Trusted Advisor
Recognizes unsuspected opportunities for improvement; communicates persuasively with both internal and external clients; earns trust and respect by remaining accountable.

Trusted Advisor Courses


Dale Carnegie Professional Badges


level1Basic familiarity with concepts. 


level2Practical understanding of concepts with practice.


Level_3_draftHigher-order understanding with repeat application.

Level_4_draftAdvanced understanding with practice, coaching and evaluation.


How Do I Earn Badges?

Learn more about Badge Levels in the Badging FAQ.



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