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Certificate Bootcamp for Your Team of Internal Virtual Trainers

Live online (also known as virtual instructor led or virtual classroom) training has become the global standard for developing dispersed workforces and extended enterprises.

But learning to engage internal audiences using a live Internet platform is a considerable challenge. It requires a unique skill set that combines using virtual facilitation and design techniques, applying technical knowledge and skillfully delivering online activities.

Now your team of 3 or more trainers can acquire the know-how and resources to engage learners using a live Internet platform -- saving on costs as you develop your own in-house training programs!

Dale Carnegie Digital’s Train the Online Trainer model sets the standard for engaging, efficient and highly effective virtual instruction.  Let us help your internal team learn to deliver the highest quality experience with private training for your group, using your own delivery platform.

Train the Virtual Trainer: Private Expert Online Trainer Bootcamp

Through a series of collaborative, live online classes, self-directed learning activities, and real-time coaching and evaluation, your group of 3 or more virtual instructors will learn to:

  • Recognize the elements required for creating a consistent standard of excellence for live online training
  • Deliver engaging online training programs while successfully managing the live platform technology
  • Create collaborative learning experiences for virtual class participants

Every program participant receives a toolkit containing working templates to convert any class to an engaging and effective learning event. 

The program consists for four, 2-hour live online sessions. After each of the first three sessions, participants do 2 hours of independent work to prepare for the next session, so the total program time commitment is 14 hours.  All graduates receive a Virtual Trainer certificate.

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