Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Trusted Advisor Bootcamp: Course Reviews




"This has been a most interesting class and the skills I learned here I intend to apply for the rest of my life!"

-Kim Y.    
Revenue Specialist    


"This is so practical and you can apply it to so many areas of life."

-Gina L.
Mining Engineer


"Trusted Advisor is amazing course. Really from leadership presence, stakeholder interest, listening skills, communication skills, presenting with impact, structuring your message, and fighting conflicts; it covers all."

-Shafiq Sonday
Assistant Store Manager
Harris Teeter


"The breakout sessions to the personal one and one coaching in the group. Phenomenal course!!!"   



"It pulled together my entire training year with Dale Carnegie.  All of the concepts make so much more sense."

-Rebecca D.


"So many valuable information and techniques. I had a love hate relationship with this course as I found it to be mentally stimulating and challenging. This is a course I will have to go back and study and practice." 

-Shannon H.











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