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Digital Extension Package

Keep Your Skills Sharp After You Leave the Classroom

Congratulations, you now have access to extended Dale Carnegie training.  Use these materials to build new skills and reinforce all that you gained in the classroom.

Your Extension Package comes with 4 Live Online webinars, and a host of other training materials.  See below for the contents of our packages.

How to Access:

You should have an Extension Package flier that provides an Access Key and Password at the bottom.

  1. Go to https://dalecarnegie.absorbtraining.com/#/signup
  2. Redeem your enrollment key using the information on your flier.
  3. Enter your account details.
  4. Click My Courses to view available sessions, and register for the Live Online webinar that suits your schedule -- whenever it's convenient for you.  Click My Resources to access your PDFs and other training.

Have questions about Live Online Training?  Check our Digital FAQ.

Dale Carnegie Course Extension Package


High Impact Presentations Extension Package


Have questions about Live Online Training?  Check our Digital FAQ.




Experience Live Online Training

We are the industry standard for instructor-led workshops delivered online.

This is not passive e-Learning!  All participants are expected to speak, chat and collaborate with others in the session.


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