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Sales Training

Workshop: Driving Sales with Trust Based Relationships

In today’s highly competitive market place it is not always possible or smart to be the lowest bidder. Having the confidence to lead with value over price takes deep skill and knowledge in the customer environment. In a DC survey, 71% of respondents said they would rather have a salesperson they “completely trusted" than one that gave them the “best price.” With rapidly changing markets and sales landscapes the biggest competitive advantage sales teams have is the ability to build rapport, listen and understand client needs, while working toward a mutually acceptable solution. In doing so, trust deepens, professional relationships are solidified, and best of all sales professionals are seen as a valuable resource that keeps customers loyal. Loyalty translates to repeat business, greater share of wallet, and more positive word-of-mouth referrals.

သင်လေ့လာသင်ယူရမည့် အရာများ

Participants will: •Review the latest research that supports the benefits of trust based selling. •Assess the elements to building a sales culture that generates revenue and drives sales. •Experience a paradigm shift on how to deliver customer value that increases loyalty.

သင်ဘာကြောင့် ဤသည်ကိုသင်ယူချင်ရသည်

Set yourself apart from your competitors by understanding how creating REAL value leads to trust.

သင့်ကို မည်သို့ ကူညီပေးမည်

Create a course of action that will help lead you and your sales team to better results by determining if the sales culture, mindset and approach needs to be changed within your organization.

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