Why Our New Brand Matters for Franchisees


In order to remain competitive, businesses must rapidly change to stay up-to-date with current consumer trends and technological advancements. At Dale Carnegie Training, we recently went through an extensive rebranding process to reflect the transformative mission of our organization. The core idea of our revitalized brand is that we change how people see themselves so they can change how the world sees them, and that changes the impact they have on the world.


This mission is part of our sales training franchises as well. If you’re interested in investing in a business franchise, consider one like Dale Carnegie, where we continue to adapt to a changing world while embracing our 100+ years of leadership training and development. Consider the five aspects of our new brand: we are perceptive, open, practical, transformational, and enduring.


Perceptive Leadership Training

Dale Carnegie trainers see the inherent strengths in each individual. From a magical spark of an engaging personality to the ambitious dreams of a young sales executive, we notice things our clients overlook in themselves. We treat our franchisees the same way, helping them put those skills to good use in their own franchise businesses.


Open for Those Seeking Leadership Programs

There are Dale Carnegie Training centers across the world, reaching individuals in China, France, India, the USA, and many more locations. Since Dale Carnegie founded his company more than 100 years ago, we’ve united people and businesses across cultures, classes and industries. As a franchisee, you’ll have the chance to do the same, particularly with our resale franchise opportunities in California, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.


Practical, Actionable Franchise Businesses

Dale Carnegie Training is an action company. We learn by doing and apply time-tested techniques for real-world and real-life results. Our franchise team has years of experience in the sales training industry, and we provide the tools you need to operate your leadership business and attract more clients. Also, we have existing franchises for sale; such an investment gives you the benefits of franchising with an existing book of business.


Transformational Coaching and Growth

Many leaders may feel the pressure to “change or die” when evolving their businesses. We create an environment that encourages our clients – and our franchisees – to get out of their comfort zones. We foster a mindset that applauds risk taking, but we also have the support system in place for challenges that you might face when you become a sales franchise owner.


Enduring Brand Awareness

Dale Carnegie has been a reference point for nearly all leadership programs within the past 100 years. Enter “Dale Carnegie” into Google, and you’ll have more than 17.1 million results. The awareness of our brand has endured countless shifts in the business industry. You’ll be linked to this history when you become a franchisee with the benefit of our experienced franchise team behind you.


Be Part of Our Franchise System

By partnering with Dale Carnegie, you can help professionals enrich their business skills, build their own brands, and shape their futures. For more information about our re-envisioned brand and our franchises for sale, contact us now.





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