Training Franchise Resale Opportunities


Investing in a franchise provides you access to a vetted system and an established business infrastructure. Buying an existing franchise gives you these benefits and more, like the power of an established market presence and customer base.

Dale Carnegie offers a remarkable opportunity to join our network of professional training experts backed by a franchise with 100 years of knowledge, and perfectly positioned for the future.

Existing franchise resale opportunities are available in key markets:

Our established Dale Carnegie Centers are already serving companies in their surrounding communities with professional development services. These executive training franchise owners provide a unique service in their local area, offering guidance and planning assistance in all of the human performance and training considerations facing companies today.

As a Dale Carnegie Training franchise owner, you’ll work from a local base of operations, traveling to meet with top executives, sales managers and workers of all kinds. You’ll help them develop business growth strategies, while encouraging high levels of productivity within a positive company culture. Here are some of the services you can provide through your sales training franchise.


Organizational communication: Every company or team can benefit from more efficient communication. Assist managers in better relating to their employees, and help foster more productive relationships among employees through constructive communication skills.

Sales training: Help sales teams align their goals, share strategies and establish healthy competition. Teach them how to increase individual sales results while working together toward mutual success through this franchise resale opportunity.

Leadership training: Companies are often only as good as the individuals who are at the helm. Work with presidents, vice presidents, CEOs, COOs and CFOs to hone their natural leadership abilities and take them to the next level. Also, Dale Carnegie Training franchise owners help companies invest in promising middle managers and other employees who exhibit leadership qualities.

Presentation skills: From overcoming fears of public speaking to constructing an effective argument to creating a stellar slideshow, Dale Carnegie Training franchise owners help professionals overcome this sometimes intimidating barrier to business success.


Get unparalleled support from a sales training franchise

These core services represent merely a snapshot of how Dale Carnegie Training franchise owners contribute to the health and success of their local business community. And they do it all while owning their own business and getting support from the country’s oldest professional training group. 


Extensive training to get you started

Before you begin operating a Dale Carnegie Training franchise, you will experience an exhaustive training program that takes you through every aspect of the company philosophy, training materials, business operations, software and IT tools, and so much more. Dale Carnegie Training seeks to share as much information and advice as we possibly can to assure our franchisees a path for growth.


Apprenticeship program

For a full five days before you officially launch your Dale Carnegie Training franchise, you’ll work alongside an existing franchise owner at their location to learn about the daily operations of a sales training franchise. Alternatively, you may work at our office with existing staff members. This is your opportunity to observe, ask questions and get the in-person support you need before opening.


Ongoing training

Dale Carnegie Training may periodically conduct seminars and conferences during which you’ll learn about the latest research and knowledge to expand your business. This will also be an opportunity to network with other sales training franchise owners.


Trainer training program

In order to learn how to become a Dale Carnegie Training trainer, you’ll experience our Trainer Training at one of our corporate locations in Hauppauge, New York, or St. Louis, Missouri. Likewise, as you expand your business, we will provide Trainer Training to individuals you designate.


Dale Carnegie Training has spent the last 100 years developing our stellar and unsurpassed reputation in the fields of business training, sales training, executive training and more. Our franchise resale opportunities are perfect for professionals who want to share what they’ve learned and expand their own horizons.

Learn more about Dale Carnegie Training franchise resale opportunities. Get started today by sending us a message or calling (212) 836-0764!





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