Train the Next Leaders of Silicon Valley With Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie Training is rooted in the dedication and commitment of our franchise owners and top-of-the-line instructors. When Dale Carnegie founded the program in 1912, he believed that the power of personal development could reshape the global workplace, and he was right. More than a century later, the company still relies on these enthusiastic men and women to drive the Dale Carnegie mission forward.

Continuing our proud tradition, Dale Carnegie Training is looking for a new business owner to carry the mantle of coaching that has been established by our San Francisco franchise owner, Karen King.
Offer High-Level Training
Dale Carnegie Training is all about personal and professional development. Individuals and companies come to Dale Carnegie looking to improve performance, public speaking, teamwork, communication and a number of other skills for themselves and their employees. Students of the program want to become better leaders and are trying to push themselves to new heights.  
Who You’ll be Training
Students of Dale Carnegie students are of various ages and come from many different walks of life, but they all have one thing in common — they’re looking for personal and professional growth. As one of the largest Dale Carnegie offices in North America geographically, the San Francisco franchise opportunity represents 12 Bay Area counties, serving a diverse market right in the heart of Silicon Valley.
How You’ll Help Companies and Employees
While our courses are ideal for people who are looking for self-improvement,we also assist companies in identifying and improving specific pain points. Often we offer assistance in developing employees’ presentations skills, public speaking and human relations skills. Dale Carnegie Training started with four core courses but now offers more than 350 modules that can be configured for custom training programs. Dale Carnegie Training may have started more than 100 years ago, but the concepts developed in the system are still as relevant today as they once were.
The Results You’ll See Over Time

Nothing feels better than helping people and companies exceed their own expectations of themselves. When you are able to make a connection with these professionals, the emotional benefits of a Dale Carnegie Training business are intensely rewarding.



“One of the best things I’ve experienced is watching someone go through the program, to then get a call 10 years later from that same person who is now the CEO of the company and is sending his employees to a Dale Carnegie Training course. We get calls like that all the time,” King says.
Learn more about the value of becoming a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee. You’ll improve your own life while improving the lives of others. Contact us today!



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