Employee Engagement Specialist Certification

Engage Your Employees and Become a Thought Leader
in Your Organization


Engaged workforces are more productive, have higher customer satisfaction, and make companies more profitable.  But as many can attest, aligning an organization with best practices in employee engagement is nearly impossible without the right know-how and collaboration.

Dale Carnegie and The Employee Engagement Group are excited to offer you the opportunity to become certified in the key skills that lead to employee engagement.


The Employee Engagement Specialist Certification Program

If you’re tasked with driving Employee Engagement at your organization, this 5 month program will give you everything you need to ensure lasting success.

  • Implement key processes that increase engagement
  • Create systems to effectively manage organizational change
  • Evaluate and adjust your reward, recognition, and compensation systems
  • Build alignment through better communication and direction
  • Find your ‘seat at the table’ by bringing key engagement drivers and fresh ideas

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Based on Bob Kelleher's best-selling books, Louder than Words and Employee Engagement for Dummies, this 5 month program includes these critical engagement topics:

  • Create your Employment Value Proposition
  • Engage your First-Line Managers
  • Embrace and Manage Change
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Create Tools to Build High Performance
  • Evaluate and Adapt your Compensation Programs

You will receive:

  • Facilitation by experienced Dale Carnegie Engagement Specialists
  • Detailed instructions and tools for creating an engaged culture based on Bob Kelleher's Employee Engagement methodology
  • Up to 40 credits provided by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI)
  • Certificate as an Employee Engagement Specialist at program completion

Employee Engagement Specialist Certification

  • 40 hours of class room instruction
  • 5 sessions, eight hours per session
  • Meeting one day a month, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Kick off dates vary by location)
  • Registration Fee: $2,995
  • NOTE: This program is currently available in the following metropolitan areas: Pittsburgh PA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Richmond VA, and Minneapolis MN.  Registrations for 2015 will open up in December.

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