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Learn How a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise Can Transform Your Life

Dale Carnegie Training is rooted in the dedication and commitment of our franchise owners and top-of-the-line instructors. When Dale Carnegie founded the program in 1912, he believed that the power of personal development could reshape the global workplace, and he was right. More than a century later, the company still relies on these enthusiastic men and women to drive the Dale Carnegie mission forward.

Continuing our proud tradition, Dale Carnegie Training is looking for a new business owner to carry the mantle of coaching that has been established by our Sacramento franchise owner, Robert Scherer.
Offer High-Level Training
When you boil it down, Dale Carnegie Training is about personal development and improved performance. As individuals grow their desired skill sets, they become more confident, they communicate more effectively, they’re stronger leaders, and they push themselves more than ever before. Their attitudes become more proactive. That’s at the core of Dale Carnegie Training.
Typical Sacramento Customers
Scherer estimates that corporate clients comprise about 70% of the franchise’s business, including organizations such as Ace Hardware, hospital systems and even the United States Army. Sometimes they seek Dale Carnegie Training’s help on a very specific issue or problem, while other times they want to improve on an already good team.
“I think what I see the most is these companies want their employees to become leaders, but they’re not providing them the tools they need to do that,” Scherer says. “When educated people come into the workforce, unless they’re with a high-level company that offers specialty training, professional development tends to suffer. That’s why these companies invest in our leadership training.”
How the Training Programs Work

Dale Carnegie Training programs are multifaceted and address a number of areas people want to improve upon. Our trainers don’t just give lectures about how to be a better leader or how to be a better employee; they engage students in an overall personal improvement program. Our training addresses both professional and personal growth. Plus, our trainers are an essential piece to the overall program. By getting highly involved with the students of each class, our trainers make sure they’re getting the most out of the Dale Carnegie program.



How a Dale Carnegie Franchise Will Transform Your Life
As a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee, you’ll be molding and shaping the lives of professionals in your community. You’ll also be positively affected by the experiences you have interacting with clients.
“I think the most important thing I’ve learned as a Dale Carnegie franchisee is the value of relationships,” Scherer says. “The training is all about the principles of life, strengthening relationships, dealing with stress, and I’ve just embraced that way of life in every way that I can. It’s been invaluable to me in my relationship with my son, my relationship with my wife, friends, colleagues — frankly, every person that I meet. It’s enhanced so much of my life, I couldn’t imagine never joining this team those years ago. There is a self-actualized realization in being a Dale Carnegie franchisee. You truly are becoming a leader in the corporate industry.”

Scherer also offers some advice to people considering becoming a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee. “Take a Dale Carnegie Training course yourself,” he says. “Once you attend a training, you’ll feel and know the value of it.

Learn more about the value of becoming a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee. You’ll improve your own life while improving the lives of others. Contact us today!



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