Learn How a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise Can Change Your Life

Dale Carnegie Training is rooted in the dedication and commitment of our franchise owners and top-of-the-line instructors. When Dale Carnegie founded the program in 1912, he believed that the power of personal development could reshape the global workplace, and he was right. More than a century later, the company still relies on these enthusiastic men and women to drive the Dale Carnegie mission forward.

Continuing our proud tradition, Dale Carnegie Training is looking for a new business owner to carry the mantle of coaching that has been established by our Madison, Wisconsin, franchise owner, Terry Siebert.
Offer High-Level Training
Siebert’s  Madison office provides the best of everything Dale Carnegie has to offer. Its best-selling programs include the signature Dale Carnegie course — which accounts for about 50% of all its business — as well as the Sales Course, Leadership Training for Managers and the Public Speaking course. The franchise also offers a number of digital programs through Dale Carnegie Associates, which are growing more popular every year.
Who You’ll Be Training
Ranging from growing companies with 50 employees to established companies with as many as 500 employees, the Madison office works with companies and organizations of all types and sizes. Many of the franchise’s clients are involved in the manufacturing and construction industries, but during the last several years it has tapped into the bio-medical, software and financial services industries.
Help Find Solutions to Tough Problems
Siebert says of the most frequent problems he encounters, the most prevalent is how to solve conflict in the workplace. People want to learn how to be assertive and diplomatic in moments of tension and disagreement. Dale Carnegie Training provides them with the communication and leadership tools they need to navigate those hurdles and changes.
Overcome Challenges and Get Rewards
While he says the training industry is sometimes a tough business to be in, Siebert believes it’s also tremendously rewarding. “Watching others achieve their goals and succeed in their lives is really gratifying, but you have to be willing to work your butt off to make sure you can provide those people with the best training programs possible,” he says. “Being a part of the longstanding Dale Carnegie Training system will help alleviate some of those early growing pains, and it will be worth it in the end to know that you have an established, time-tested business behind you every step of the way.”
Learn more about the value of becoming a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee. You’ll improve your own life while improving the lives of others. Contact us today!



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