Engaging Ideas: A leader’s guide to creating employee & customer commitment

Avoiding the Tyranny of the Urgent

Review your daily tasks and group them into the following quadrants:

If you spent more time in quadrant 2, wouldn't you be able to produce some true, long-term results for your sales organization?


You need to commit to establishing priorities and enhancing productivity. Specify activities you will stop doing to increase your productivity and actions you will take to gain better results. Have a clear vision of your expected results.


How to Prioritize

  1. Prepare a to-do list.
  2. Include quadrant 2 activities.
  3. Arrange the list in order of importance to you, both personally and professionally. Take into consideration how certain items on your list might affect others (for example, someone might need something from you in order to do his or her job. If so, you can't neglect that responsibility).
  4. Develop deadlines for each item. Create deadlines for quadrant 2 activities.
  5. Examine the consequences for failing to accomplish a certain task by the deadline.
  6. Identify the rewards of completing the task on time.


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