Learn to Drive Business Results – Become an Employee Engagement Specialist!

According to the CareerBuilder.com annual survey, 30% of your employees will be looking for a new job in 2015 and 16% are committed to landing something new.  A Glassdoor.com survey reports that 35% are poised to change jobs if they don’t receive a raise in 2015.  Gallup’s latest report shows that only 32% of workers are engaged today!  Those are pretty staggering numbers when you think about replacing those folks and growing your business!  How can you keep more of your employees to stay put?  The answer isn’t money – it’s employee engagement.     

Join thought leader and author Bob Kelleher on Wed March 11, 1pm ET to learn how you can become an Employee Engagement Specialist for your organization.  In this webinar, Bob will address:

  • How employee engagement will drive business results
  • The importance of focusing on employee engagement, today more than ever
  • The role money plays in engaging employees (it’s not what you think!)
  • Building a business case for engagement – getting your leadership on board
  • Key techniques that will improve engagement quickly and effectively
  • The benefits of being certified as an Employee Engagement Specialist
  • Next steps in obtaining your certification as an Employee Engagement Specialist

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Bob will walk you through the benefits of increasing engagement, provide some proven techniques for engaging employees, and lay out the reasons why you should consider becoming an Employee Engagement Specialist for your organization.  
You should attend this free webinar on March 11 @ 1pm ET if you:

  • Want to create an engaged culture within your organization
  • Have the desire to implement change that increases productivity and discretionary effort
  • Recognize the value of improved retention and employee ‘intent to stay’
  • Are driven by personal and professional development

See if becoming an Employee Engagement Specialist is right for you!

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