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Give honest, sincere appreciation: it's Dale Carnegie Principle #2

Each of us has someone who helped us realize our potential, to succeed. 

Say Thank You by nominating them as the 2015 Distinguished Leader of the Year.  It's easy!

To make your nomination:

1. Tell your Distinguished Leader's story in two minutes or less. [get tips for a Winning Nomination]


2. Upload your video to YouTube and make sure it is viewable by the public (not private).

3. Complete the Distinguished Leader nomination form and paste in the link to your YouTube video. 

4. Share your Distinguished Leader’s story with your colleagues and friends!

Nominations may only be made by our graduates, but anyone who embodies Dale Carnegie leadership principles may be nominated.

Tips for a Winning NominationLogo

  • Use your phone, computer camera or other device that will make it easy to transfer to YouTube.  This contest is about sincerity, not production value.
  • Your video must be no more than 2 minutes in length. Use of the Dale Carnegie magic formula is encouraged.  
  • Introduce yourself, and the name of the Dale Carnegie Course you’ve taken.  “Hi, I’m Laura, and I graduated from High Impact Presentations here in Calgary back in 2009…”
  • After your own introduction, make a succinct, strong case for your nominee.  State their name and tell a story that captures the essence of why they inspire you.
  • Nominees who are most relevant to your current position (current managers or colleagues) are preferred.
  • Don’t forget to say Thank You!
  • Be sure there is no music in the background and that your voice is clear.
  • Be sure the person being nominated is comfortable with being praised publically.

Best of luck to all 2015 Distinguished Leader nominees!