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Founded in 1976 and open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with many management training courses offered during evenings, Norman and Associates is recognized as a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Best Place to Work. Its recently renovated training center for professionals is technologically advanced and fully ADA accessible.

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What gets in your way of connecting and influencing? Fear? Busy schedule? Anxiety? Lack of communication skills? Matt Norman is President & CEO of Norman & Associates, which leverages Dale Carnegie training to develop the skills and habits to inspire others with confidence. Through sustainable, intentional growth, you can overcome what’s holding you back to lead a more impactful life, and make work more productive and humane. Start your leadership journey today.
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Matt Norman

Chief Executive Officer & Trainer

Matt Norman is president of Dale Carnegie Training in the North Central States. Dale Carnegie Training is represented in all 50 of the United States and more than 80 nations worldwide.

As the third generation in his family to be working for Dale Carnegie Training, Matt has been recognized four times as one of the company’s Top 10 Sales Managers, and was honored as Sales Manager of the Year. Recently, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal named Dale Carnegie Training Minnesota the top small company it its Best Places to Work awards.

From helping corporate teams and individuals enhance their partnering skills and increase their productivity to conducting consultative sales training for sales force transformation initiatives, Matt’s business vision, honesty, authenticity and genuine regard for others make him a standout in performance improvement. His clients particularly appreciate his keen listening skills and his willingness to offer alternative viewpoints, when appropriate.

As a senior consultant, Matt has delivered transformative results in Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies and small- to mid-sized

firms. He has trained sales leaders across the world on coaching and developing their salespeople, coached physicians and clinical staff on leadership and teaming skills, enhanced the marketing and business development skills of attorneys, engineers and commercial bankers, and led a Web development firm to significantly increase the quality of its content output.

Matt’s specialty areas of expertise include cross-team collaboration, consultative selling, sales leadership, organizational culture and executive team dynamics. He has worked with companies in technology, engineering, construction, professional services, financial services, health care, law, manufacturing, IT and professional services.

After graduating from Boston College, where he majored in finance and Spanish, Matt worked as a consultant for Accenture and as a product manager at CCBN.com, during which CCBN.com was named one of the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies. Matt was named to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 40 Under Forty list, recognizing the community’s top young business and civic leaders.

In his personal life, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and twin boys, working on his fitness and enjoying craft beer. He is board chair of Volunteers of America-Minnesota and is active in his faith community and with several faith-based organizations.

Please visit Matt’s Blog http://https://www.mattnorman.com/