Deloite Iceland

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Business Challenge 

The need was the ability to be a competitive organization in today's fierce market. The partners needed the behavioral change because they needed to begin selling themselves to clients. Up until this point in their careers, it hadn't been necessary to do this type of selling. In other words, business used to come to them. They were in need of a change -- to start building relationships in order to sell to both new and existing customers. 


A communications, human relations skills, and presentations program was conducted over a period of 11 sessions. 
In addition, a sales, presentations, communications, and managerial course was conducted for two full days. 


The Managing Director saw the behavioral change in this solution's ability to hold the senior partners accountable when using the tools they had honed in building relations with their customers. 
She felt that the attitude of the senior partners had clearly shifted from believing there was no need for training to embracing and using what they had learned from the course.