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Are Your Employees Motivated?

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Business leaders must possess personal traits that promote teamwork and demonstrate leadership, the ability to cope with pressure, and sensitivity toward others. A recent Dale Carnegie Training Study shows that one of the most critical factors of employee engagement is the “relationship with the immediate supervisor.” Your attitude and actions as a supervisor set the tone for a positive workplace.

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You will take a quick assessment to determine your own management, communication and leadership skills. You’ll be given a series of guidelines to address those areas where you need improvement, and emphasize your areas of expertise. 

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According to the Dale Carnegie Training Employee Engagement Study: “69% of disengaged employees would leave their current job for just a 5% pay increase.” That’s an outcome you simply can’t afford! This ebook provides tips for motivating your employees and improving the quality of your engagement culture.

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The focus will be on building positive relationships with your employees, motivating and challenging them, goal setting, and recognizing their efforts.



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