50 Employee Engagement Ideas and Tips a Leader's Guide to Employee Engagement

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Employees want to feel valued, included and empowered. They are waiting for you to show that you respect them, that their opinions matter, and that you welcome and appreciate their contributions. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve thought of plenty – 50 to be exact!

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Dale Carnegie released a research study that identifies the main drivers of employee engagement. The findings provide a benchmark for organizations looking for ideas. Discover the value of building a positive work environment, fostering communication, creating a sense of ownership, and much more!


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In today’s competitive work environment, the one thing that makes you stand out as a company is your people. Becoming an engagement-focused leader builds a vibrant team. When employees feel enthusiastic about their jobs, they try harder and stay longer.


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Build strong and sincere relationships through trust. Positive attitudes and actions build a culture that involves and inspires all employees. Outperform the competition with the most valuable asset—employees.


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