Are people really a company’s most valuable asset? Yes, if they are “the right people… in the right place.” Don’t make the mistake of generalizing people, or hiring candidates with no future contribution and growth potential, based on your company today’s needs. Focus on long-term profit.

Filling available positions is NOT the key to performance and productivity. The article “People, Productivity, and Performance: The Foundation of Profitability” discusses the benefit of long-range thinking, and focus on employee-development, productivity and team-performance. There are five essential steps included:people_productivity_performance
• Hiring is a first step in developing team, establishing standards, and achieving performance.
• Establishing new hires in the proper role is the second critical step.
• Make the most of team member’s talents and contributions to the team.
• Align talents and Eliminate dysfunctions that affect profitability.
• Establish and keep commitment.
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