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Dale Carnegie Training partners with companies and organizations of all sizes to produce measurable business results.

Fabric Architecture

With over 5000 installations throughout the world, Fabric Architecture has been specialising in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of tensile fabric structures since 1984. They are experienced in both custom design-and-build structures as well as offering a range of pre-designed and pre-engineered Signature Structures Their main operations are based in the UK and the United States, together with an office in Abu Dhabi.

Business Challenge

In order to further grow the business, the senior management of Fabric Architecture realised that they would need to change the structure of the organisation. Director Debra Drew, a Dale Carnegie graduate, wanted to make sure that the team were supported through what was to be a rapid change programme, and that the current business did not suffer.


Initially three people attended the Leadership Training for Manager Programme to strengthen their management skills in order to allow the directors to focus on growing the business. The customer facing team were then put through a customised in-house Sales Advantage programme in order to equip them with confidence and a process to present their solution. Then four key people were selected to attend the Effective Communications programme which helped them to become masterful at building and strengthening interpersonal relationships.


The structural change happened successfully with little disruption to the business. By improving relationships with suppliers, the sub-contractor work force grew by 70%The company achieved a 26% sales growth over the previous year. By changing the approach to being customer centric, closing rates on proposals rose by 23%."Fabric Architecture is poised for major growth and our partnership with Dale Carnegie will ensure our people have the best skills to deliver the results we need."


Curriculum Areas

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