Dale Carnegie Quick Tips for Outstanding Customer Service

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Exceptional customer service is about creating meaningful relationships and memorable moments at every touchpoint. You’ll first be introduced to nine ways to strengthen relationships with customers. You also learn telephone courtesy skills, an 8-step complaint resolution process, types of questions to ask to uncover needs, 5 five steps for asking for a referral, and more!

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Product and price are certainly key differentiators in the minds of customers, but the way to their hearts is through epic service. Outstanding service providers cultivate meaningful relationships from the first contact. Demonstrating behaviors of helpfulness, genuine interest, and respect influences customer behavior – moving them from indifferent to loyal.

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It takes just a few intentional steps to turn good service into great service. Follow the steps to deliver exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations every time. Apply the principles and turn customers, even disappointed ones, into fans who are loyal, and refer others.

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