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You Can Learn to be More Confident in Business


Confidence is one of the most powerful tools in any business briefcase, and those who possess confidence have an undeniable edge in negotiations and project development. Confidence breeds leadership, as people are drawn to an individual who exudes self-assuredness.

Any effective businessperson understands the value of confidence, yet the quality is difficult to define. Some people are naturally confident and don’t need to think about why or how it happens. For others who have never experienced true self-confidence in business or other areas of their life, confidence can feel like an abstract concept they’ll never be able to understand or exhibit.

The truth is, anyone can learn to be confident. With reflection and reinforcement, you can take your business interactions from meek to mighty. These six truths about confidence can put you on the right path.


Confidence is a skill

Despite the popular notion, for most people, confidence isn’t something you’re born with. Like any other skill, having confidence takes discipline, hard work and commitment. At its core, confidence is a belief in your abilities, knowing the value you provide and then demonstrating it to others. These qualities don’t develop overnight, but demand continued self-awareness and reinforcement.


Confidence requires practice

Preparation is the foundation of improving confidence. To feel self-assured, you must gather  knowledge, resources and experiences needed to achieve your professional goals. The more you address these needs, the greater your confidence grows. Business training courses are available to help with this preparation, and are designed to boost confidence by introducing skills needed to handle any situation.


Confidence comes before success

Success typically involves trying new experiences and taking risks. Without confidence, you are unlikely to excel at these new ventures. Confidence builds over time through a combination of belief and early, small successes. While you may not reach your peak right away, you’ll muster small victories that result in real success and eventually the feeling that you can achieve bigger goals.


Confidence needs support

Success doesn't usually come without help. Just like preparation, a strong support system is a fundamental component of confidence building This support can come from any person or social group. But, in business, owners and managers have a responsibility to offer this guidance themselves. Whether it’s through routine feedback or even enrolling your staff in business training, your employees’ success is directly tied to the support you provide.


Confidence boosts through adversity

It is OK to fail — and perhaps encouraged —  as confidence can grow when you are at your lowest point. Navigating tough obstacles can provide greater business confidence. It’s empowering to know you have already experienced setbacks and worked your way through them. Businesses often struggle with training people how to grow from mistakes. No one wants to fail, and business managers can’t sit by while their staff struggles. Business training courses create a learning environment to better prepare employees to overcome those struggles, and  teach your staff not to fear failure, but to embrace it as a step toward greater confidence. 


Confidence must be well balanced

Too much confidence can be even more harmful than too little. Overconfidence results in inflated self-esteem and a warped belief that you’re more skilled or knowledgeable than you actually are. This attitude turns off co-workers and alienates clients, so it’s important to keep your confidence balanced by a healthy dose of humility. Grow your own confidence by learning from others and encouraging their self-esteem.


Business training can nurture healthy confidence growth, enabling your business to maximize its potential. If you’re a manager or salesperson who enjoys helping colleagues to reach their fullest potential, consider owning an exclusive Dale Carnegie Training franchise. Currently, there are five resale franchises available:


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