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Why Veterans Are a Perfect Fit for a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise



A career change can be intimidating for anyone, but it is especially so when you’re a veteran who is looking to begin a new career after years of honorable military experience. Becoming a Dale Carnegie franchisee could be a great fit for a veteran due to a veteran’s past leadership experience, adaptable personality, goal-oriented and composed nature, and team-driven attitude.


Veterans Have Leadership Experience

Because of the intense and challenging experiences veterans have faced, they’ve been molded into capable and energized leaders who are likely to thrive in environments that demand a take-charge attitude, clear decision-making skills, and the ability to help others reach their goals. Veterans have experience working with people who fit different personality profiles, and they are able to adapt their communication and leadership style to match their audiences.

These skills are important when working as a Dale Carnegie franchisee as well. Owning a leadership training franchise means you will work with top executives and business owners across the board. The most experienced, adaptable, and versatile leaders can rise to the challenge of providing them with the best service and customized experiences. Versatility allows you to adjust your styles to fit the individuals you meet with and the audience you’re training. Finally, being someone who carries a wider worldview than most, veterans are able to share their knowledge in an effective way that connects to the “bigger picture” and that also leads to better training. Those are skills we’re looking for when we talk about the Dale Carnegie franchise opportunity.


Veterans Have the Qualities for the Job

Because of their military background and training, veterans have developed skills that make them ideal candidates to own a Dale Carnegie leadership training franchise. According to Forbes, veterans show qualities that make desirable coworkers. These traits include the grace and composure they exhibit when handling stressful situations, being goal-oriented, having solid communication skills, and having an attitude of self-sacrifice. With these qualities, veterans are highly desirable in any corporate environment.

We’re actively looking for veterans who want to build their own leadership training franchises. In fact, we offer veterans a 50% discount on the initial franchise fee in recognition of their dedication and service to the United States of America!

A veteran’s career change can be an exciting venture with a Dale Carnegie franchise. If you’re a veteran looking to start something new that capitalizes on your strengths, skills, past experiences, and abilities, contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


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