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The Benefits of Buying a Dale Carnegie Resale Franchise



Entrepreneurs who are interested in franchising with an established brand like Dale Carnegie have an excellent opportunity to start with an existing book of business. Purchasing an established Dale Carnegie business that is in operation, rather than starting the whole process from the beginning, can provide you with a customer base that is already in place and brand awareness in the marketplace.

An Established Business and Market

The steps to owning a resale franchise is a vastly different process than starting your own franchise from scratch. Because the resale business is already established, you’ll shorten the time it takes to launch your Dale Carnegie business immediately. Operations will also continue as normal, so to speak, in that there you have an established cash flow as well. Now you have the opportunity to purchase an existing Dale Carnegie franchise in multiple states:

In addition to Dale Carnegie franchise training, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with the owner of the resale franchise to learn the day-to-day operations of their specific location. Further, you’ll be able to communicate with existing staff about their experiences in order to gain more insight about local performance and trends.

Taking over an existing Dale Carnegie franchise will also provide you with the data you need to determine future performance. You’ll be able to see how the business has operated in the past, how market trends have changed over the past several decades, and what the current performance is like for the business.

An Established Customer Base

Many of the Dale Carnegie resale opportunities have been in business for decades. This means that, when you take over one of these leadership training franchises, you’ll have access to a readily available customer base. The previous owner will also offer valuable advice on local operations and competition, which will aid you in the transition.

The Support You Need to Own a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise

In addition to connecting with the existing franchisee, you will have access to plentiful support from Dale Carnegie Training professionals. You’ll learn about our philosophies, driven by the powerful legacy of founder Dale Carnegie, and how to operate your leadership training business. We’ll provide you with instructional materials and participate in three training phases: managing your business, leading our methods and programs, and completing a five-day apprenticeship program. Then, as you launch your business, we’ll continue to provide ongoing support to meet your needs.

Contact Dale Carnegie Training

Owning a resale franchise may be the perfect opportunity if you’re looking to grow a business quickly. Are you interested in buying an existing Dale Carnegie business? Contact us to learn more about our available resale opportunities and to speak with a representative or check out our Training Franchise Resale Opportunities today!


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