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Teach About Emotional Intelligence With a Management Training Franchise


In today’s business climate, EQ is just as important as IQ.


Intelligence and technical skills are still necessary to succeed in the world of business, of course. But savvy business owners and managers are placing a premium on “soft skills,” those qualities that can’t necessarily be taught or even fully identified.


Emotional intelligence, or emotional quotient (EQ), is the ability to understand and control emotions within yourself and those of others. Since the notion was first introduced in 1995, emotional intelligence theories have steadily gained acceptance over the past two decades. These concepts are increasingly useful for any business.


Whether not managers realize it, emotions drive business. The way supervisors interact with staff, how staff members relate to one another, and the way everyone treats clients influences the day-to-day culture of any business and, ultimately, its bottom line. Because of its large impact, managers must be attentive to their own and their staff’s emotional intelligence, and foster its growth.


Luckily, these skills can be learned with proper instruction. These traits are not intangible or indefinable like many believe. Business training franchises show companies how to increase emotional intelligence, and you can help professionals gain this quality through your own management training franchise with Dale Carnegie Training.

Encouraging high emotional intelligence means employees demonstrate greater proficiency in five skills fundamental to any successful business:

●Personal management





A business training franchise helps others learn personal management

Emotional intelligence training focuses on self-control and self-awareness. An improvement in emotional intelligence will help staff demonstrate patience and an ability to regulate their own emotions and behaviors. Most importantly, a high-EQ staff shows strong self-motivation, being able to work independently with little supervision. They produce work for selfless reasons, making them ideal employees.


Emotionally intelligent employees value collegial collaboration

Teamwork is the foundation of any business, and employees must have a collaborative attitude toward their work with both co-workers and clients. Developing professional relationships — built on trust and empathy — requires a focus on effective communication. Listening and communication are both key aspects of emotional intelligence, and this social awareness and competence can make the difference between making a deal or walking out empty-handed.


Encouraging compassion through a sales training franchise

Social awareness also involves how your employees interpret the feelings of others. When managing relationships with peers or customers, it is important to have compassion and empathy. Emotional intelligence is about demonstrating sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of others. Closely tied to teamwork, compassion makes employees more desirable when working on projects together or when needing help.


Emotionally intelligent people are more flexible

What employees must know and do today may change when they walk in the office doors tomorrow. Fostering emotional intelligence through a business training franchise produces staff members who can adapt along with the ever-changing business landscape. Emotionally intelligent employees have been shown to be less rigid in their beliefs. This makes them open to other approaches when working with others.


Emotionally intelligent employees feel comfortable leading

Employers want a staff full of people who can lead others when they need to. Whether it’s on a team, in a presentation or when pitching to a client, the ability to lead is crucial. Being successful in sales requires projecting a sense of authority to potential customers. Emotional intelligence fosters leadership characteristics by instilling confidence. Dale Carnegie sales training franchise owners help professionals become more confident, leading to greater success.


Teach emotional intelligence through a Dale Carnegie business training franchise

Dale Carnegie Training offers both the longevity and the modern insight to help large and small businesses to improve their morale and productivity through positive training. We currently have several existing franchise locations available for purchase. Call (212) 836-0764 or contact us today to learn more!



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