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Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Resale Training Franchise


Around the world, Dale Carnegie Training franchise owners and employees are helping professional individuals reach their greatest potential through sales training, professional development and business communication training programs. We’ve been doing this for more than 100 years, so we have a well-ingrained system and a network of dedicated franchisees.

Now, some of our established franchise owners are stepping aside, making room for a group of new franchisees to take the mantel of their businesses. This is a rare opportunity to enter an exclusive, sold-out franchise system.

When you consider purchasing a resale franchise though, there are a few questions you should ask.


What are the motivations of the seller of the resale franchise opportunity?

You have a right to know why the franchisee is selling their business. It could simply be that they are retiring or moving on to other opportunities. Some people sell a franchise business because their personal life is undergoing a shift and they can’t devote the necessary time to running the business any longer. In some cases, the franchisor is asking the franchise owner to step aside. Whatever the reason, you want to know why the franchisee is stepping down.


What is the average revenue of the business?

If you buy an existing franchise business, ultimately its future success depends on the decisions you make and the effort you put into it. However, it’s crucial to know where you’re starting from. The existing franchise owner should be completely comfortable opening his or her books to show you the revenues and expenditures. Don’t necessarily be scared off by low revenue numbers, however. Sometimes spotting someone else’s mistakes and pitfalls can positively inform your next steps toward growth.


What will the transition be like?

Transferring ownership of a business takes some time, and you’ll want to ask if the franchise system has a plan in mind for how the transition will occur. Is the current owner going to simply shut the doors one day and never look back? Or will there a be a more gradual transition? In the case of the Dale Carnegie Training resale franchises opportunities, the outgoing owners will provide assistance and guidance to the new owner so that he or she is ready to take on the responsibility of the business. In some instances, the previous owner will even stay on as a trainer, possibly running a sales training program or business communication training program. The new owner will also have the full support of the Dale Carnegie Training franchise team to help them ease into their new role. 


How do I learn more about franchise resale opportunities?

The best way to learn about a company’s available franchise resale opportunities is to contact the franchisor with your questions. They’ll be able to answer your questions and can help you start the communication process with the current owner. Dale Carnegie Training currently has existing franchises for sale in the following cities:

● Sacramento, California

● Stockton, California

● Westchester, New York

● Amarillo, Texas

● Madison, Wisconsin

Discover how you can purchase a sales training franchise within the exclusive Dale Carnegie Training group.


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