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Own and Operate a Sales Training Franchise with Dale Carnegie


Investing in a sales training franchise with Dale Carnegie allows you to connect your future to the strength of a world-renowned brand. Our resale franchise opportunities provide a rare chance to enter an exclusive network in an existing territory. Owners with the right qualifications can adopt a business that’s already up and running, just waiting for growth.

A Dale Carnegie resale franchise presents so much potential for someone who wants to invest the time and passion that’s made us a leader in the leadership and training industry. Whether you choose to run your business as an owner-operator or you invest in an operations partner, Dale Carnegie’s franchise model — including extensive training and support — gives you the tools to move the business forward.

What services will I offer with my training and education franchise?

Dale Carnegie is known internationally for our professional and personal development programming. Our training franchise owners offer an extensive variety of courses, workshops and seminars to help professionals at every level achieve their highest potential.

The beauty of a Dale Carnegie franchise is that the model is flexible to meet any marketplace. Every territory is unique, given the companies and professionals within it and the needs of those groups. Dale Carnegie franchises allow investors to tailor their programming based on market demands.

Among the wide-ranging program offerings:

Sales training: Developing a sales strategy, organizing a sales team, leading sales people, sales effectiveness, customer service, cold-calling

Organizational development: Strategic planning, time management, coaching for improved performance, managing workplace stress, managing change, building a virtual team

Leadership: Communication, motivating employees, conflict management, developing leadership attitudes

Self-development: Presentation effectiveness, public speaking, building confidence, goal setting, accountability, youth programs

With a Dale Carnegie education franchise, you’ll have access to insightful and thorough programming. As the business expands and takes on new clients, you can multiply your offerings with the backing of Dale Carnegie’s expert-level curricula.


Who will I serve with my training franchise?

Organizational development, leadership training and self-performance coaching are in demand now more than ever.

As millions of baby boomers retire, millions of millennials enter the workforce seeking mentors and guidance for career development.

When the economy is on the upswing, companies need help scaling and leaders need training to bolster their skills as they welcome new employees and service lines.

If the economy struggles, companies rely on Dale Carnegie to help them deal with changes, reset priorities, communicate with employees and motivate them to excel.

And no matter what’s going on in the business world, professionals always need assistance to improve their productivity, public speaking and more.

The variety and extent of programming available through the Dale Carnegie training franchise allow you to serve many different types of individual clients and client groups, including:

  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs and other executives
  • Mid-level managers
  • Sales managers
  • Professionals
  • Public officials
  • Faith leaders
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • White-collar offices
  • Blue-collar workforces
  • Youth groups


Where will my training franchise office be?

Investors in the Dale Carnegie training franchise have the option of securing an office space or working from a home office. This kind of flexibility allows individuals to enter the world of business ownership for a lower investment without the cost of necessary office space.

Though you can operate your Dale Carnegie education franchise from your home, your “office” will actually be a virtual one — wherever your clients need you to be. Training programs can take place on-site at a workplace or in the field. You may use a local community meeting space for seminar-style presentations. Wherever you can connect people with the power of a Dale Carnegie training franchise, that’s where you’ll be.

Combine your business acumen with the 100-year-old experience and knowledge of Dale Carnegie by owning your own training franchise. Take advantage of a resale opportunity in your area, or relocate for the perfect chance at a new future!


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