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Can You Have Friends In Business? Benefits and Drawbacks


Being a business leader or owner is tough work. Often there are delicate lines that need to be drawn and straddled in order to create the highest efficiency. One of the more divided lines in business is whether or not people should have personal friendships with the people they work with, whether it’s with co-workers, subordinates or clients. While some go by the rule of thumb “Don’t mix business with pleasure,” others believe having friends in the business world is not only acceptable, but can be an asset.

Dale Carnegie training franchise owners help educate professionals and executives on when it’s appropriate to embrace friendships between business associates and how they can reap the benefits without succumbing to the pitfalls. Here are some benefits and drawbacks to the idea.

Pro: It Can Keep You Connected

As a business leader, maintaining an extensive personal network is important to being successful, maintaining relevant contacts, and opening the door to new opportunities. Having friends in the business world is a great way to meet new people and get connected to other likeminded business leaders. Another way to create and maintain high-level business relationships is to take advantage of networking opportunities throughout the community. Dale Carnegie training franchise owners often participate in groups and attend events to not only recruit clients, but to connect with the professionals and business relationships they need to succeed.


Con: It Can Get Awkward

Developing personal friendships with colleagues or other business people can create awkward tension if there is ever conflict in the workplace. Having tough conversations, relating bad news, giving critical feedback or even firing someone — these things are tough enough as it is. Adding the complication of friendship to the mix makes those conversations even more difficult and could cause long-term damage to the organization.

Pro: It Can Generate New Ideas

Having friends in the industry can help you to learn best practices and generate new ideas for your own company. From casual conversations to brainstorm-inspired lunches, you can share knowledge and insights to organically formulate new thoughts and ideas. If you choose to invest in a training franchise resale with Dale Carnegie, you can help professionals learn the skills they need to come together and develop innovative and productive ideas.

Con: There May Be a Power Struggle

Especially if you work closely with a friend, there is a risk of a power struggle developing between the two of you. There’s something to be said about healthy competition in the workplace, but when two people share a friendship, it can be difficult to draw the line on what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate. If the competition turns unhealthy it can become an uncomfortable, tense and even hostile environment for not only the two involved, but for everyone else in the office. Dale Carnegie training and sales franchise owners offer advice on how to handle office disagreements and the push-pull of business politics.


If you’re interested in helping business leaders learn the intricacies of business relationships and how to work through difficult issues those may bring, you may be the perfect fit for a Dale Carnegie sales training franchise. We have five established territories available for franchise resale across the country. Those who join the Dale Carnegie network get the brand recognition of our century-old, international network, along with support and materials from our incredible thought leaders. Contact us today, or call us at (212) 836-0764 to get started.


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