Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Adopt a Large and Diverse Territory with a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise in Amarillo

Dale Carnegie Training is rooted in the dedication and commitment of our franchise owners and top-of-the-line instructors. When Dale Carnegie founded the program in 1912, he believed that the power of personal development could reshape the global workplace, and he was right. More than a century later, the company still relies on these enthusiastic men and women to drive the Dale Carnegie mission forward.


Continuing our proud tradition, Dale Carnegie Training is looking for a new business owner to carry the mantle of coaching that has been established by our Amarillo, Texas, franchise owner, Pat Sasser.

Offer High-Level Training
The Dale Carnegie Training model centers on self-improvement and professional development. Work with individuals, small businesses, corporations and organizations that are looking to improve their communication skills, and help them develop stronger leaders and more proactive professionals.
An Exciting Environment
Anyone can benefit from Dale Carnegie Training. In Amarillo, most of the clientele — 60% to 75% — are small, independent businesses. Amarillo is also home to the Pantex Plant, the United States’ primary nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility, which employs hundreds, adding to the base of your potential customers. You’ll quickly learn why companies want to hire you to improve their employee productivity and relations.
Run a Large and Diverse Territory
Our Amarillo territory is geographically one of the largest territories in the Dale Carnegie system, and it boasts a wide range of clients. “I would say over the course of the last five years, I haven’t had a class with less than 44 people, which is the maximum we allow,” Sasser says. The large, rural territory presents very little competition, outside of a few business training programs offered at local small colleges.
How Dale Carnegie Training Will Change Your Life
As a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee, you’ll be molding and shaping the lives of professionals in your community. You’ll also be positively affected by the experiences you have interacting with clients.

Learn more about the value of becoming a Dale Carnegie Training franchisee. You’ll improve your own life while improving the lives of others. Contact us today!



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