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5 Reasons Running a Training Franchise is Fun


Even for the most dedicated business professionals, the thought of business training might sound a little dull and uninteresting. Teaching about sales training, public speaking and professional development does require consistent study and serious instruction. It’s also an exciting career that can offer tremendous personal satisfaction and — dare we say? — fun. Here are five reasons to consider why a training franchise with Dale Carnegie Training can not only bring you career advancement, but also enjoyment along the way.


1. When you start a training franchise, you get to work with people.

For people who enjoy working with people, a training franchise offers the perfect way to connect with hundreds of individuals, often likeminded and invested in personal improvement. You’ll laugh, tell stories and do a lot of listening to learn about each person’s concerns and personality. This level of personal interaction isn’t for everyone and it is work, but if you’re someone who likes to make meaningful connections with others, a Dale Carnegie Training franchise is an excellent outlet for that propensity.


2. With a training franchise, you work across many different industries.

You’ll meet hundreds of people through a Dale Carnegie Training franchise, including professionals who work in dozens of different industries. While some workforce productivity and culture issues are universal, many are unique to the market or environment in which they manifest. Dale Carnegie Training franchise owners work to understand the idiosyncrasies of each business and setting. This offers new problem-solving challenges every day, keeping the work fresh and exciting.


3. You get to be yourself when you start a training business.

Everyone has a work persona they put on every day. As a Dale Carnegie trainer, of course you’ll want to present yourself in a professional and approachable manner. However, our most successful trainers use their inherent skills and personalities to connect with trainees. This authentic approach engenders trust, allowing you to make a better connection and be a more effective trainer. When you consider how to start a training business, think about your best qualities and your personality type, and how those may impact your success.


4. You learn something new every day at your training franchise.

Whether you want to start a dedicated sales training franchise or offer a plethora of services, the situations and interesting challenges you encounter every day will provide you with consistent opportunities for learning. The problems you solve through your training franchise will benefit your own business acumen and your personal and professional relationships. You’ll approach personal challenges with more confidence and critical thinking skills, and you’ll be a better listener.


5. You help people succeed with a training franchise.

The most fun and satisfying part of owning a training franchise is the successes you’ll help clients achieve. When your sales training franchise’s work allows a company to gain market share or puts a professional in a position to advance, those gains will be the most exciting and personally fulfilling. Others’ success is a reflection of your own, so you can celebrate right alongside them. There’s nothing quite like a job where you make clients’ lives easier, happier and more productive.


Learn about how to start a training business

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