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Four Tips for Negotiations Mastery

As the world's workplace becomes increasingly diverse, it’s quite common to encounter differences of opinion while trying to reach a decision. In these scenarios, the art of effective negotiation is crucial. By addressing these four key areas in the negotiation process, you too can become a master at negotiation.
  1. Analysis: Take time to discover the other party’s needs by asking questions. Identify alternatives and state their advantages and added value. Reframe the conversation to avoid con and look for solutions where both parties benefit. 
  2. Presentation: Prepare your presentation to address the other party’s needs and concerns as if they were your own. Present any alternatives that you can realistically provide and link them to the other party’s best interests.
  3. Bargaining: Identify ideal, realistic, and fallback positions. Be aware of negotiation tactics from the other party and respond appropriately. Be sure to make it easy to agree and difficult to disagree.
  4. Agreement: Specify all points of agreement and put each one into writing. Create a checklist of all point of agreement and begin implementation as soon as possible.

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