Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Four Tips for a Building a Motivated Team

Some people just aren’t motivated, right? Not so: everyone acts according to some motivation. It’s the place of a leader to provide the climate for an attitude of job-focused motivation to blossom. Here are four ways to do so.
  1. Show sincere recognition of improvement. Dale Carnegie said: be "hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise." Make it clear when you feel someone is applying themselves.
  2. Never follow up appreciation with a request. It cheapens your compliment and puts people on-guard against future approbation.
  3. Let your team take ownership. Rather than giving orders, provide direction in a way that allows team members to be creative and personally involved. Ask questions, and position your team as the experts in a topic.
  4. Always call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly, and talk about your own before criticizing others.
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