Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership

Now you can learn to tap into your latent power, unleash your inner attitudes of confidence and enthusiasm and build your visibility in the organization at Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership.

Leadership Training for Managers Free Session

If you would like to learn more about the Dale Carnegie Training approach to leadership, please register today for the first session of our Leadership Training for Managers Course...FREE.

Leading an Engaged Workforce

Now, learn to use the four emotional drivers of engagement discovered in our ground-breaking research to lead your team, division or company to new levels of achievement. 

How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

You'll gain dexterity and grace in dealing with new or trying situations; recognize how you come across to others; speak honestly and confidently; become conscious of body language; master your emotions; give and receive criticism constructively; present yourself as powerful - not intimidating; and say what you need to say without offending or creating conflict.

Leadership Training for Managers (3 Day)

The business world has changed! Instead of pushing people to achieve, successful leaders pull people to succeed, requiring a new skill set to make it to the top. Learn how to stop managing and start leading, to play a vital part in your organization's future. A good manager is not always a good leader.

The Leadership Advantage

This leadership development program gives participants the building blocks to recognize the traits and styles of leaders, sharpen existing skills, and master new strengths. It emphasizes the principles of effective leadership. Moreover, this seminar offers people the practical tools and techniques to become effective leaders.

Step Up to Leadership for Engineers

Employees are open to influence and motivation. "If you tell me what to do, I will do it to protect my job. But if you inspire me to do it, I will do it to the best of my ability."
Supervisors who understand this simple truth and know how to apply it are the ones who generate results in today's organizations. Great managers develop high-performance teams that get results because they know how to lead a team, not just manage it.
This program is being offered exclusively for IEEE members.  You will learn important skills like delegation, time management, and performance appraisal techniques. You'll also collaborate with others in similar roles, gaining insights into the more advanced aspects of leadership so you can better inspire and motivate your team.
This workshop will help you:
  • Determine your leadership style and the impact of that style on your team
  • Delegate responsibility, authority and accountability
  • Give difficult feedback without creating resentment
Core Competencies: Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Management Controls


Related Competencies: Attitude, Decision Making, Professionalism

Results Without Authority + Presentations that Influence People (Bonus Package)

Great leaders and managers know how to influence others in a way that builds trust, while communicating goals clearly and confidently. When you combine the Dale Carnegie strategies for influence with the principles of influential communication, you’ll discover a new level of effectiveness, even when working with people who do not report to you. This package combines our live online webinar, Getting Results Without Authority, with our on-demand course, Presentations that Influence People.
Save $50 with this Bonus Package!

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NextGen Business Leaders Online Certificate Program

Teens and millennials face an incredible challenge finding a job in today's business climate. Many approach the workforce armed with a sound education and experience in their specialty -- but there's one critical element missing: human relations skills for business.
The NextGen Business Leaders Online Certificate Program provides a practical training on how to properly respond to the challenges of business interactions. This certificate provides access to eight specially selected 1-hour Live Online webinars.

Experience Innovation

 Today, organizations face pricing pressures, new regulations, and smarter competition in the market while dealing with morale, leadership and talent issues internally. Dale Carnegie recently performed extensive research on the major challenges to business growth and found that companies who pursued innovative approaches consistently outperformed the standard.

Hawaii Credit Union League Special Offer

 Whether you're transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager, a supervisor needing to inspire more and manage less, or you want to be a better influencer, this package has what you need to be successful! Through the Hawaii Credit Union League members can get a deep discount on 40 hours of Live Online training from Dale Carnegie.
The courses in this package are specially selected to help you gain the leadership skills that are most in demand in today’s business environment. Topics include motivating employees, handling difficult situations, leading multi-generational teams, conducting effective meetings, managing stress, and mastering your presentation style.

Engaged Employee Training Package

Learn to deal effectively with challenges, minimize the negative aspects of stress, and influence others. The Engaged Employee course package provides the skills an individual contributor needs to stay motivated, on task, and be an effective team member. This package will give you or your team a grounding in how to maintain a positive work environment and take ownership of their role. The courses are specially selected to help participants thrive in today’s business environment with topics that include handling disagreements, setting goals, building trust, stress management and effective communication up and down the ladder.

High Potential Leaders Package

Inspire your team to achieve the unexpected. The High Potential Leaders package provides people with direct responsibility for a team (or who have been identified as having management potential) with the skills need to inspire teams and shift from individual contributors to leaders. This package will equip high potential employees with the experience they need to take charge. The courses are specially selected to help leaders properly manage their relationships with others in order to build influence and agreement – with a bottom line being teams that cooperate more effectively to get the job done. High Potential leaders will also learn how to facilitate productive meetings, and offer performance feedback when appropriate, not just during PA reviews.

Client Focused Sales Training Package

Earn the trust of your clients and guide your key accounts to greatness. The Client-Focused Sales Training package teaches sales professionals how to manage clients and prospects with a can-do attitude that will leave customers saying “yes”! This package provides quick-hitting sales techniques for effective cold calling, making a compelling sales presentation, negotiating and upselling. The courses are specially selected to help sales people increase their influence, be more articulate, and be fully committed to winning clients. Your sales numbers will never be the same!

Electro-Federation Canada Special Offer

Whether you're transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager, a supervisor needing to inspire more and manage less, or you want to be a better influencer, this package has what you need to be successful! The courses in this package are specially selected to help you gain the leadership skills that are most in demand in today’s business environment. Topics include motivating employees, handling difficult situations, leading multi-generational teams, conducting effective meetings, managing stress, and mastering your presentation style.

Dream Big, Focus Small: Achieve SMARTER Goals for Merck LEAD Members

 In this fast-paced, one-hour Live Online webinar you will learn how to create such SMARTER goals for personal and professional success. You will see why it is important to both dream big, but then focus small, to overcome common obstacles. And you’ll walk away with ten tips that can be key to achieving results and improving your performance.

A Manager’s Guide to Sustainable Employee Engagement

This program focuses on the business value of engagement and the important role a manager plays in employee engagement. Managers will learn and practice the steps to take to lead a team of fully engaged employees and to sustain those high levels. In this six-hour, three session Live Online workshop, participants will commit to and practice the proven attributes, actions, and behaviors they can implement to build, strengthen, and sustain a fully engaged workforce.

Trusted Advisor Bootcamp

This six-part, twelve-hour Live Online seminar is designed to overcome one of the biggest challenges that shared services (such as HR, IT, Finance and Accounting, as well as consultative sales people) face in organizations today – being viewed as a transactional or commodity resource versus a true business partner. Included are such key elements as: developing rapport and trust, designing solutions that advance stakeholders’ strategies, strengthening leadership and influence, managing resistance and conflict, and more.

A Manager’s Guide to Sustainable Employee Engagement

 This two-hour, Live Online workshop provides powerful tools to help you attain, sustain, and maintain employee engagement by cultivating positive relationships. Join us to assess your own level of engagement and learn which of your team members are actively engaged. Backed by the latest research, we’ll take a closer look at the intangible levers that motivate employees. You’ll use the Dale Carnegie Engagement Self-Assessment along with Bob Kelleher’s Assessing Employees tool, an innovative approach to understanding employees’ talents to help you develop them more effectively. You’ll then explore Bob Kelleher’s Seven Motivators Resource Tool to discover primary and secondary motivational drivers for each team member and develop ideas for better engaging them based on the results. In short, Dale Carnegie Digital and Bob Kelleher will give you a practical engagement roadmap sure to transform your culture and create a win-win situation for employees, organizations, and customers.

Winning Leadership: Engage, Align, and Get Results

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR --Do today's best leaders dictate change, or inspire it? Do they tell employees what to do, or influence their choices and assist them in reaching their performance goals? The best leaders adapt and lead by example, creating an environment of engagement and accountability for their teams. This four-session Live Online seminar will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; to stop pushing and start pulling. You will have ample time to develop and practice the skill set of the modern leader, making you a vital part of your organization's future.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

The Art of In-Person Conversations

The best way to create the foundation for relationship building is by getting to know others as individuals. Great conversationalists ask the right questions and learn others’ likes and dislikes. As a result of these relationships, trust is formed and conversations come more naturally. In this fast-paced webinar, hone the skills needed to have in-person conversations that will facilitate stronger personal relationships, build trust, and produce greater harmony with others.

Leading Accountable Engagement

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR --Do today's best leaders dictate change, or inspire it? Do they tell employees what to do, or influence their choices and assist them in reaching their performance goals? The best leaders adapt and lead by example, creating an environment of engagement and accountability for their teams. This four-session Live Online seminar will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; to stop pushing and start pulling. You will have ample time to develop and practice the skill set of the modern leader, making you a vital part of your organization's future.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

People, Process and Results: A Sales Management Workshop

Organizations today operate in an environment of rapid, continuous change. Clear and compelling communication is an essential leadership skill in leading through change. Creating a communication plan can help leaders and their teams SOAR to success.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Tools and Tactics for Sales Leaders: A Sales Management Workshop

Sales leaders need to understand the “big picture” in order to achieve big sales, keep the team moving in the same direction and stay ahead of the competition by dominating their territory. You need to be personally prepared to earn the customer’s loyalty and help them grow and profit.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Sales Leadership Attitude: A Sales Management Workshop

As a sales leader, one of your most important jobs is to set a positive, self-confident tone. If great attitudes are what you want from those on your team, then learn the foundations for starting your personal process of great leadership!
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Coaching for Peak Performance: A Sales Management Workshop

One of the most rewarding parts of being a sales leader is helping the people on your sales team achieve their visions and goals. Most people have a deep desire to become more capable of handling the challenges of their jobs and improve their performance. The ability to coach effectively is a critical skill to help your team members develop behavior changes that will lead to sales success.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!


Sales Leadership Roadmap: A Sales Management Workshop

Successful leaders use a variety of tools for building teamwork and camaraderie, collaboration, engagement, and trust. Specifically using social media and on-going learning and development will help keep your team connected and churning out the sales. Now is the time to build a personal brand your team can trust!
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Presentations that Influence People - On Demand

Presentations that Influence People is a powerful online program designed to walk you through how to create a complete presentation online from concept to printout! A certified Dale Carnegie Trainer teaches you by video in segments while you plan your successful presentation. You will build your presentation while you take the course, then print it when you are finished, in 1 hour or less!
When you order this program you will get one full year of on-demand access to the course, allowing you to repeat it at your convenience, and access your notes at any time! You will receive your username and password in a separate e-mail within 24 hours of purchasing this course.

Resilient Leadership: A Sales Management Workshop

Anyone can make an excuse or blame someone or something else when problems occur. It takes a person of character to figure out how to bounce back consistently, respond, be in control of their emotions and think quickly. Resilience is not what happens to you, it’s how you react to, respond to, and recover from what happens to you.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Marshall Goldsmith - What Got You Here Won't Get You There

TWO-SESSION WORKSHOP -- Dale Carnegie Digital® is excited to partner with Marshall Goldsmith to make one of the most effective management development methodologies accessible, convenient, live and online! Experience the merging of our world-renowned training and that of leadership development expert, executive coach and author, Marshall Goldsmith from his New York Times best seller and Wall Street Journal #1 business book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Step Up to Leadership

TWO-SESSION WORKSHOP -- This dynamic two-session program will help you identify and overcome 20 of the most common interpersonal challenges often found in leadership behavior. And, of course, you'll get the basics like time management, delegation and performance appraisal techniques.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Time Management

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- This seminar offers practical techniques to help you focus on results, not tasks. Undo destructive habits and consciously choose to establish healthy, productive habits that yield long term benefits. You'll learn how to lock out mental distractions so that you can eliminate time wasters and concentrate on your priorities.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

How to Win Friends and Influence Business People - Live Online

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- Based on the classic teachings from the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, this live online event from Dale Carnegie Training will show you ways to achieve enlightened interpersonal effectiveness. You'll gain a holistic perspective by looking at what triggers you, and how your attitude affects communication outcomes.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership - Live Online

FOUR-SESSION SEMINAR -- Now you can learn to tap into your latent power, unleash your inner attitudes of confidence and enthusiasm and build your visibility in the organization at Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership. Take that first step in transforming yourself from a follower into a leader- right from your desk.

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Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots: Discovering the Pathway to Motivating Your Employees

Recently Dale Carnegie asked over 3,300 people which of their immediate supervisors’ leadership behaviors are most important, and then to rate the performance of their supervisor on those behaviors. The findings show there’s a sizable gap between what employees value in a leader, and how their leaders are showing up.

Unleash the Power of Mentoring In your Organization

A mentor provides professional advice and support. He or she willingly shares knowledge, experience and often personal and professional network contacts. Successful mentoring can help less experienced individuals navigate away from costly mistakes. For a mentor, the relationship provides an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and the satisfaction from guiding others to professional success. In this two-hour Live Online workshop, learn what it takes to make the launch of your program successful and avoid the challenges that often derail organizational initiatives
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Building Your Power Team

Building a team can be both a challenging and productive experience when a leader has the skills to capitalize on the strengths each person brings to the team. Different generations provide diversity and bring a unique mindset, work style, and communication style. Qualifications, skills, and knowledge are definitely important; however, the ability to relate to others, establish rapport, and demonstrate a positive attitude can only be determined through an interview. Asking behavior-based questions can help you differentiate candidates and choose the right person for the team. Once each individual is hired, the first 30 days are critical to successful on-boarding, as your team will need to trust you and believe in you in order to follow you.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Build a High Performing Virtual Team

What does it take to build and manage a successful virtual team? Dispersed workforces are today’s norm, and while virtual teams can be similar to traditional ones, leaders can no longer rely on only face-to-face communication and team building methods to build a productive virtual team. The digital age is changing the way we work, play, communicate and think. It is an exciting frontier that rewards those that step up to the challenge and develop new levels of competence. While it may seem difficult to keep pace with technological changes, the abundance of new, user-friendly tools actually make it easier to lead and collaborate across distance than ever before. This Live Online webinar introduces the tools, attitudes and actions leaders need to encourage maximum performance in team members.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Disagree Agreeably

Left unresolved, disagreements with others can waste time and energy, and also negatively impact productivity. For many, the normal reaction is to avoid disagreements in order to maintain a peaceful work environment. Yet we can gain so much from those with whom we disagree if we can learn to view these situations as learning opportunities, and deal with them in an agreeable and professional way. In this webinar, you will gain insights into your personality and reactions when dealing with differences of opinion surrounding your "hot buttons." You will learn to give others the benefit of the doubt and how to practice expressing yourself in a way that promotes acceptance, agreeable outcomes, and improved productivity.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Dream Big, Focus Small: Achieve SMARTER Goals

 In this fast-paced, one-hour Live Online webinar you will learn how to create such SMARTER goals for personal and professional success. You will see why it is important to both dream big, but then focus small, to overcome common obstacles. And you’ll walk away with ten tips that can be key to achieving results and improving your performance.

Getting Results Without Authority

Getting Results Without Authority is part of the Keys To Success Webinar Series. In this Webinar, you will learn the characteristics you need to have, and actions you need to take, to get maximum results from people who don’t work directly for you. You’ll learn how to influence others by building authentic trust, credibility, and respect, thereby gaining their willing cooperation when you need it most.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Performance Reviews That Motivate

An effective performance review can be an opportunity for honest, open conversation about positive and negative results. It can inspire and engage people when it is focused on plans for the future. By setting expectations and helping associates to create achievable targets well in advance, then coaching and providing adequate feedback throughout the year, performance management becomes part of the culture rather than a dreaded annual event.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Powerful Conversations to Engage Your Workforce

Great conversationalists are able to find connections with others by asking the right questions and learning team members’ likes and dislikes. As a result of these relationships, trust is formed and teamwork comes more naturally. In this fast-paced webinar, you will hone the skills needed to have powerful conversations that will improve professional relationships, build trust, and get real results.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Secrets to Leading with Assertiveness

In this webinar, you will learn to build on your strengths, advocate for what you need to be successful and use the right language to do so. You will learn strategies to boost your confidence, 10 tips to build assertiveness, and the Dale Carnegie principles of cooperation to influence and effectively lead your team.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Succession Planning for You and Your Managers

Many leaders in key positions are becoming eligible for retirement. There is a great sense of urgency to proactively plan to replace a key talent. The expense and risk associated with bringing in candidates from the outside is high. Compounding this problem, the supply of job-ready replacement candidates is often limited. As HR professionals or managers, if you’re unsure where to begin, or are looking for a fresh approach to speed up the process, this webinar can help.  

Coaching for Improved Performance

This workshop provides effective coaching techniques and other tools to help close the gap between expected performance and actual results. After completing this session, participants will coach for improved performance by following a step-by-step process and use the appraisal meeting to focus on future growth and training for others.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Goal Setting and Accountability

Successful leaders and managers take an active role in goal setting and hold their people accountable. But doing so in a supportive way is critical for the members of the team to feel that what they do makes a difference, keep engagement levels high, and ultimately achieve optimal results. This two-hour Live Online workshop will help you instill in your team the importance of individual, team, and development goals, and create a culture of high performance. You will learn tips to build employee engagement that drives positive outcomes, and best practices for holding individuals and teams accountable to the agreed upon goals.

Lead Change Effectively

In this two-hour Live Online workshop we will examine the challenges of change leadership and the mistakes that often result. We will incorporate principles for leading organizational change, leading individuals during times of change, and managing our own reactions to change. Out of this discussion, you will create a draft of a change leadership plan. By creating and following through on this plan, you can take a more organized approach to leading organizational change.

Leading Across Generations

Leading a team of diverse generations can be an incredibly rich and productive experience when you have the skills in place to capitalize on the strengths of each generation. This program provides insights and tools to help you turn the attitudes and skills each generation brings to the table into powerful performance drivers. You will learn the approaches that will most often help you lead members of each generation, resulting in an engaging and productive work environment for everyone.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Meetings that Work

This two-hour Live Online workshop is a much needed antidote for any person or organization suffering from poor meetings. By applying Dale Carnegie’s principles and by gaining the willing cooperation of others, you become the catalyst for beneficial outcomes for colleagues, customers, managers, and yourself.

Negotiations: A Human Relations Approach

Applying a proven negotiations process helps people know where they are going and how to plan for success. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn techniques such as building rapport; analyzing the actions, needs, and agendas of all parties; using effective strategies such as presenting alternatives; bargaining in good faith; and finalizing agreements so that everyone "wins" something that they want. By doing so you will be able to gain cooperation and increase the likelihood that future interactions will be positive.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Virtual Meetings that Engage

In this fast paced, interactive webinar you'll learn to use activities to energize your next online meeting. This webinar will help identify what's unique about running an online meeting and what's needed to make it an interactive experience.

Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Analyze Problems and Make Decisions

This 3-hour Live Online workshop highlights several different problem solving tools and methods for gathering and analyzing data to make the process efficient and interactive. Decisions often need to be made quickly or under pressure which can lead to stress on individuals and teams. Learn to apply practical principles that can minimize stress that impedes sound decision-making.

Critical Thinking: Tools for Effective Action

This three-hour Live Online workshop will help you in leading your team to pinpoint opportunities for improvement, brainstorm creatively, logically evaluate options, and make informed decisions that will lead to success. The tools discussed will help you become proactive instead of reactive in the face of problems and move from possibilities to solutions.

Cultivate Power without Being Intimidating

Part of successful organizational leadership is having the ability to assert the power of your position without intimidating others to the point where they are hesitant to take initiative. For staff members to respect you, they need to feel that you are approachable and able to keep your emotions in check. By applying Dale Carnegie’s principles, and by gaining the willing cooperation of others, you become a catalyst for beneficial outcomes for your colleagues, customers, and yourself.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Managing Workplace Stress

The list of stress producers in today's world grows longer by the minute. People react differently to living in this pressure cooker. Some become aggressive; others become passive; and some just shut down altogether.
Want to know more? Learn what to expect!

Dunkin Leadership Development Subscription

You want the most for your franchise, and your success depends on dedicated employees. Dale Carnegie can help you develop your leaders so they can more effectively lead their teams, cut down on turnover, and keep motivation levels up at every store.

Time Management: Organize and Prioritize to Increase Your Productivity

Time escapes minute by minute and hour by hour. Nothing you do will stop or rewind a clock or calendar. There is no short cut to managing yourself more effectively. The key is to invest your time in the most productive way, not only for the sake of your organization but also for your own peace of mind. In this webinar, you will discover where your time is spent. With a clear picture of where time gets lost, you can see where you can improve. You will review specific tools and approaches to help you stay on target, increase productivity, and get better results in work and in life.

Communicate with Different Personality Styles

Many behavioral psychologists have researched the theory that people's behavior can be roughly classified in four groups: driver, expressor, amiable, and analytical. No one is purely any style, and no style is better or worse than another. By recognizing our dominant style and developing the ability to identify traits in others, we can change our behaviors to interact with a wide variety of personalities and tendencies. In this one-hour webinar, you will identify your own personality style and learn how to modify your behaviors to better connect with, and influence the behavior of, people of different styles.

Communicate to Lead - Module 1 - Types of Communication - On Demand

In this 20 minute session we analyze the different communication types and commit to applying the right type of communication in the appropriate business setting. Improve your relationships, impact and influence on others by understanding and applying these key concepts.

Communicate to Lead - Module 2 - Communication Filters - On Demand

Our communication is impaired by different forms of "filtering." Some of these filters are internal, generated by ourselves, and others are external, generated by the other person. These filters affect our ability to get our message across clearly. In addition, they impede the message that is being communicated from others to us. Learn to identify and manage filters to be role models of effective communication.

Communicate to Lead - Module 3 - Levels of Listening - On Demand

Some elements of interaction we can control; some we cannot. One of the things in our control is our ability to listen attentively and empathetically. As leaders, we can have a profound impact on our employees and the culture of the organization by increasing our levels of listening. Learn to improve employee engagement by mastering this skill.

Carnegie Tales - Short Videos On Demand

These ten video animations illustrate common, humorous scenes from the modern workplace that illustrate proven Dale Carnegie principles and provide tips you can apply to improve your relationships, influence and success.  Each video is around 2 minutes long and is sure to provoke reflection as it makes you laugh.
Example lessons include:
  • Navigate unique new challenges of communication imposed by tools and technologies like Facebook, Twitter and smart phones.
  • Detailed scenes depicting unproductive team meetings; the scenes emphasize the common challenges faced by global teams
  • Align personal success and company objectives
  • Apply proven Dale Carnegie principles in today’s context to increase engagement


Accountability - On Demand

If business was perfectly predictable, you’d assign every potential situation to a specific role and job description within your organization. Unfortunately, it’s not. So companies must develop accountable people who are willing to step up to new challenges and step outside of their job descriptions to solve problems. This course helps leaders identify what they are and aren’t accountable for and provides tools and tactics for becoming more accountable. It also helps managers create a more accountable team environment. When organizations get this right, they will be better able to adapt to an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable business environment.

Communicating Across Cultures - On Demand

The wrong word, the wrong gesture, the wrong impression – cross-cultural blunders can have serious business consequences such as lost customers, lost relationships, and lost opportunities. Managers can gain skill in communicating across cultures by reviewing their own cultural conditioning, examining their experiences with other cultures, watching for discomfort that can signal cultural differences, and modifying their approach to communication.

Active Listening - On Demand

Your effectiveness as a leader depends on your ability to communicate and resolve issues with your peers, bosses, or direct reports. By learning and committing to the skills and behaviors of active listening, you will become a more effective listener and improve your ability to resolve problems and influence positive outcomes.

Adapting To Change - On Demand

Change can best be understood as the situations and occurrences that impact individuals or organizations – such as a new boss or a shift in policy. Transition is the internal, psychological, and emotional process of adapting to a new situation. Transition can happen quickly or slowly, and different people experience transition in different ways. Paying attention to your colleagues’ reactions to change can not only help you support them through transition, but can also help you identify these emotional reactions within yourself and how best to handle them.

Developing Cultural Adaptability - On Demand

You're a manager of a multicultural team, and you want to increase your effectiveness working across cultures. In a global workplace, you need to understand that you're working with, and are surrounded by, people with different mindsets and expectations based on their different backgrounds. You don't want to cause misunderstandings, frustrations, stress, or costly professional blunders, all of which can be avoided when you know how to adapt to cultural differences. Dealing with cultural differences isn't just an intellectual exercise. For managers working in an increasingly global environment it's a pivotal skill for practicing leadership. Contemporary organizations demand an understanding of how to negotiate the complex social situations that arise when many cultures come together

Developing Direct Reports with Feedback - On Demand

You might think that, when an employee leaves an organization, it's to go somewhere where they can make more money. More often than not, though, this is not the case. In fact, most people leave because they want a working environment that can offer them more attention, feedback, and opportunities to grow, learn, and develop as professionals. As a manager, if you want to retain talented team members, you have to know how to effectively challenge and develop them, and to provide feedback on how they're doing along the way. In this course, based on research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership, you'll use tools and learn strategies for effectively developing your direct reports with feedback, whether they're located in the same building with you or part of a virtual team based in different locations around the world.

Feedback That Works - On Demand

Giving effective feedback is a fundamental skill for leaders to master. Over the years the Center for Creative Leadership has developed a model for giving feedback that helps the receiver immediately identify their behavior that impacted someone else in either a positive or negative way, based upon observable behavior.

Leading Change - On Demand

If you want to lead people somewhere new, you first need to understand where they are. Many change efforts fail because leaders neglect the various emotions related to change and transition. You will learn to help people leave the old ways behind, support them effectively when neither the old ways nor the new work satisfactorily, and prepare them to take the final steps toward solidifying the change. This course will help you set direction, encourage alignment, and gain commitment as you lead your team through the three phases of transition: Endings, Neutral Zone, and New Beginnings.

Managing Conflict with Direct Reports - On Demand

Conflict in the workplace cannot be avoided. The differences among all the people and personalities within a company create an environment tailor-made for disagreements and conflict. This is a difficult challenge for managers, and it's especially difficult when conflict occurs between managers and their direct reports. Such difficulties arise partly because of the power relationship between managers and direct reports. Extensive research conducted by CCL with both U.S. and European managers shows that the inability to manage conflict and interpersonal relationships with direct reports is one of the major reasons for managerial career derailment. To be a successful leader, you must understand that managing conflict is one of your key priorities and develop a comprehensive strategy to address these conflicts.

Managing Conflict with Peers - On Demand

Peer conflicts that arise from incompatible goals or from different views on how a task should be accomplished can usually be resolved. But peer conflicts that involve personal values, office politics and power, and emotional reactions are much more difficult to deal with. These seemingly intractable conflicts require careful attention if managers want to build effective relationships that will bolster their ability to achieve organizational goals.

Managing Global and Virtual Teams - On Demand

In your roles as leader and team member, you may have experienced some challenges working as part of a global and virtual team. This course will review some of the common issues that global and virtual teams must work through to achieve their ultimate potential.

Raising Sensitive Issues in a Team Environment - On Demand

Have you ever wondered how to deal with a sensitive issue within your team? For example, how do you raise the issue that the women rarely get listened to? How do you bring up your observation that the team members from Marketing always dominate the meetings? Many things have the potential to become sensitive issues in team situations.

Creating a Vision - On Demand

Leaders who communicate a strong vision are seen by their bosses and coworkers as more effective than those who do not. The content of your vision affects employees' perception of your organization. Your articulation of the vision affects their perception of your leadership effectiveness. Taken together, vision content and vision articulation give your employees, colleagues, and other stakeholders a powerful image of how good your organization is and how skilled you are as a leader.

Leadership Training For Managers

Leadership development has meant different things in different times. The modern leader knows that it means developing the skills needed to motivate the modern team. These necessary skills can be learned through a leadership development training program, which is less stressful than being forced to learn the skills on the job. Working your way up the ladder, you've experienced numerous leadership styles from the previous generations of managers.

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