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Sales Leadership Roadmap: A Sales Management Workshop

Building a trust based work environment is the responsibility of the leader. According to a recent poll by Maritz Research Group, a leader in employee satisfaction research, 25% of employees report having less trust in management this year than they did last year, and only 14% say their company’s values reflect their own personal values. As a leader, it’s important for employees to know you can be trusted to not only make the best choices for the organization, but for the people you lead as well. Unfortunately, building trust doesn’t happen overnight and it can be easily lost with a single misstep.
Successful leaders use a variety of tools for building teamwork and camaraderie, collaboration, engagement, and trust. Specifically using social media and on-going learning and development will help keep your team connected and churning out the sales.
Please Note: The full suite of Dale Carnegie Live Online webinars, workshops, and seminars are available to groups and teams. Each group member needs to be registered as an individual, and needs to access the session from his or her own computer. To learn more, including to inquire about group discounts, please see Online Training for Teams and Groups.
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Who Should Attend

Sales Leaders committed to being a role model and establishing a trust based environment


  • How You can Make or Break Trust
  • Begin to build a Trust Based Work Environment
  • Commit to Building Trust
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Ensure On-going Learning to Keep Sales Churning
  • Unleash Personal Brand Power




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