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Results Without Authority + Presentations that Influence People (Bonus Package)

This Bonus Package combines our live online webinar, Getting Results Without Authority, with our highly effective on-demand course, Presentations that Influence People.

Save $50 with this Bonus Package!

Getting Results Without Authority (Live Online Webinar)

In complex organization structures, success often depends on gaining the cooperation of people and resources that you do not have direct authority over. Great leaders and managers find success through influence and negotiation. They focus first on gaining employees’ respect and trust. This webinar illustrates the characteristics you need to have, and actions you need to take, to get maximum results from people who don’t work directly for you.

Presentations that Influence People (On Demand)

This powerful online program enables you to create a highly persuasive presentation. Learn at your own speed as a certified Dale Carnegie instructor teaches you via video segments how to build a successful presentation from planning to printout. The trainer will also test your knowledge with a brief quiz and other interactive exercises. You complete the course and build an entire presentation in one hour or less!

This package gives you 1 year access to Presentations that Influence People (On Demand), and access to 1 session of the live online webinar Getting Results Without Authority. Both are accessible via our online learning portal. You will receive your username and password in a separate e-mail within 24 hours of purchasing this package.

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Who Should Attend

Anyone who would like to learn how to influence the behaviors of others in their organization, and create powerful and effective presentations that drive results.


You will be able to:
  • Identify the most common people challenges that leaders face in getting results when they lack authority.
  • Define and identify the critical role of trust, credibility, and respect for getting results.
  • Follow the 5 steps to overcoming self-doubt and build self-confidence.
  • Follow Dale Carnegie’s 12 principles that help you to build cooperation with colleagues.
  • Overcome the 10 most common obstacles to getting results without authority.
  • Identify the critical outcomes of leading with accountability.
  • Learn the principles of developing and delivering an effective presentation.
  • Create your own winning presentation.


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