Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Leading Accountable Engagement

Do today's best leaders dictate change, or inspire it? Do they tell employees what to do, or influence their choices and assist them in reaching their performance goals? The best leaders adapt and lead by example, creating an environment of engagement and accountability for their teams.
This four-session Live Online seminar will teach you how to stop managing and start leading; to stop pushing and start pulling. You will have ample time to develop and practice the skill set of the modern leader, making you a vital part of your organization's future.
Please Note: The full suite of Dale Carnegie Live Online webinars, workshops, and seminars are available to groups and teams. Each group member needs to be registered as an individual, and needs to access the session from his or her own computer. To learn more, including to inquire about group discounts, please see Online Training for Teams and Groups.
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Who Should Attend

Managers who lead teams, functions or organizations and want to enhance their leadership skills in order to achieve outstanding results.


After this seminar, you will be able to:
  • Recognize differences between leadership and management, and their related drivers for success
  • Describe leadership experiences and values
  • Conduct an "Innerview" to open the lines of communication and build trust
  • Set time utilization goals
  • Chart organizational results and key relationships
  • Create a personal leadership vision
  • Describe your team vision in specific and compelling terms to gain buy-in
  • Apply the steps necessary to transform vision into action
  • Create a plan with clearly defined communication goals and negotiate the plan with constituents
  • Examine work environments, identify current motivation levels, and identify factors and tools to increase motivation among associates
  • Apply Human Relations Principles to build effective relationships and commitment levels
  • Accentuate the positive in specific, measurable terms
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to develop and train others
  • Plan and prepare for a delegation meeting
  • Communicate clear performance standards for follow-up and accountability
  • Effectively handle mistakes using a human relations approach
  • Refer to a problem or situation in a professional way to consistently retain valuable people and promote team empowerment
  • Maintain control by managing RAME (Reasonable, Allowable Margin of Error)




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