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You're a manager of a multicultural team, and you want to increase your effectiveness working across cultures. In a global workplace, you need to understand that you're working with, and are surrounded by, people with different mindsets and expectations based on their different backgrounds. You don't want to cause misunderstandings, frustrations, stress, or costly professional blunders, all of which can be avoided when you know how to adapt to cultural differences. Dealing with cultural differences isn't just an intellectual exercise. For managers working in an increasingly global environment it's a pivotal skill for practicing leadership. Contemporary organizations demand an understanding of how to negotiate the complex social situations that arise when many cultures come together.


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Who Should Attend

This course is for managers of multicultural groups or managers who wish to learn techniques for interacting more effectively with coworkers from other cultures.


Outline – Developing Cultural Adaptability: How to Work Across Differences

In this course, participants will learn the four key components needed to develop cultural adaptability:
• Examine your cultural foundations
• Expect to encounter cultural differences
• Educate yourself about different cultures
• Experience cross-cultural interactions and learn from them






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