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The wrong word, the wrong gesture, the wrong impression – cross-cultural blunders can have serious business consequences such as lost customers, lost relationships, and lost opportunities. Managers can gain skill in communicating across cultures by reviewing their own cultural conditioning, examining their experiences with other cultures, watching for discomfort that can signal cultural differences, and modifying their approach to communication.


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This course provides guidance on recognizing signs of culture clash, recommendations for modifying your communication or behavior accordingly, and provides basic guidelines to help you minimize cultural issues and misunderstandings.


In this course, participants will learn how to:
• Expect and identify cultural differences
• Look out for cultural differences
• Draw cues from nonverbal communication
• Speak and write clearly for other cultures
• Learn the importance of names and titles
• Use humor judiciously
• Show respect for other cultures
• Become a lifelong learner of other cultures




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